August 7, 2017


First Area


Elder Klingonsmith

August 2017

This was a busy, busy week. We were running all over our area visiting all of the different people we teach, and it seems that everyone lives in a separate town. We were able to see a couple miracles this week though, so it made all of it taste a lot sweeter.

We are teaching a man who has talked to missionaries in the past, but he has never make any progress. We met him as we were walking in Greensburg and he pulled over his car to talk to us, and he invited us to come visit him. Sweet! So we went over a little later and we talked to him a lot about his experience in the past, and why HE asked US to come see him. AS we talked we realized that he has been a journey. For some it takes a few weeks, some a few months, but he has been on a journey that lasted almost all his life. While we taught he realized and told us that this is what he is supposed to be doing and that this is where he is supposed to be.

It's so cool to see the people that have been prepared to hear the message that we share. We talk to so many people and even when we find people to talk to, they usually don't have the best intent when they do, and the intent is everything.

I also got to go to the Indianapolis temple this week to go do baptisms with a recent convert that we have been teaching. It was so beautiful, especially since she brought her own family name. On the way home we talked about how she felt, and she said she felt that she could take on the world, but that she also didn't want to leave the Temple because of the peace and joy she felt.

Awesome week. Awesome people. Awesome experiences.

My trainer goes home this week, so I will also get a second half trainer who I meet tomorrow at transfers. I love working with different Elders because every time I do, I learn so much, and I have learned that on a mission, you learn every second of the day and I am grateful for that opportunity.

Hope all is well. Sure love you all

Elder Wells


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