March 22, 2020


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mundell

#83 - The Second Coming is Approaching (3/16/20)

Dear family and friends,So after preparation day last week we almost went into another national strike because there was a rumor that the gas prices would go up 2 dollars but the President of Ecuador still hasn't made a decision.Me and Elder Mundell are studying Kichua like crazy and we helped an old lady work in her field for two hours breaking up the dirt, making trenches or rows, and seeding it with corn and beans.Corona Stuff:So on Thursday we got 130 dollars to go on a shopping spree and we bought a crazy amount of food and supplies to prepare us for the worst. It is a 14 day food storage.Church, and school and almost everything is canceled.THE CRAZIEST THING.Saturday night at 11pm we were sleeping and President called and asked for my companion. My comps end date is June 2nd, but president told him that the Ecuadorian borders were getting closed so he had to decide if he wanted to go home the following day (leave for Quito at 5 am on Sunday) or wait to go home with me on July 14. He chose to go home. SO we at midnight went to the Church Computers to tell his family to be expecting him the following day. We packed his bags till 3 AM. Then got a call that he would have 2 more days before his flight. So he said goodbye to everyone and told them his was gonna leave the mission early. THEN later that afternoon they told him he wasn't going home but he should work like he would end in June on his original date. (There were no available plane tickets left so Elder Mundell was not able to leave). We got noticed last night that we will be locked in the house for 14 DAYS IN A ROW. It might be something coming from the Presidente of Ecuador for the whole country but we will see.Ecuador has 37 infected people and 2 have died from the Virus.We also had a small earthquake here like 3 hours from my house. It wasn't like a kill people one (5.1) but more so an awesome journal writer that it woke me up cause my bed was shaking. SUPER COOL.So the second coming is aproaching and MEAN while all the members keep telling us the best time to die is in the mission. One way direct ticket to Heaven.-Elder Hallsted


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