March 10, 2020


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mundell

#82 - Changes/No Changes (3/10/20)

Hello Family and Friends, 15 But behold I said unto them that: aAs the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness (Heaven)until we have baccomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us. SO just a little thought about that scripture with our attitude towards God in this life.SO we had changes and I will be staying here with my same companion Elder Mundell. It is a lot of time but its nice cause I can see the progress of the people I taught in my last sector cause im the Zone leader. But I will now have 1 year just in this stake.So this week I ate squid for the first time and that was pretty good.We had lots of first appointments with people so we will see if some of them progress. We actually tried to put a date on a couple this week named Laura y Alberto. They said no, but they want us to keep coming by to teach them and they believe what we teach but they have their traditions and doubts. We will see what they say this week when we go with a member.The coolest thing this week was we got a call saying that a family from carabuela wanted to get reactivated and baptize their kids. IT WAS THE ROMERO FAMILY that I put a date on in my time their. So because their arent missionaries in that ward we got to go and teach them. I might just get to go to their baptism here.This week we are going to do a super awesome activity called viaje a Hawaii (trip to Hawaii)-Elder HallstedThat is an oversized paper cutter, they are making invitations for the Viaje a Hawaii activityMember Family in Bentley’s area. Keep in mind that Bentley is ~5’11”. I believe that couple is typical height for Ecuadorians.


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