February 26, 2020


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mundell

#80 One day Work week... (2/26/20)

Dear Family and Friends, 2 Nephi 28:24-2524 Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!25 Wo be unto him that crieth: All is well!I don't know why but I was pondering this scripture pretty hard the other day. Basically in the church, we can never really "accept" where we are. God's plan was that we would have trials, and not everything would be perfect. Its so we can always progress, we can always work, we can always struggle, we can always keep striving to be like God. We can't ever be at rest or at ease if we really want to use this life how it is meant and show God who we are and what we will do with the things he has given us.But this week I was a little sick so we didnt work that much and President Chacon came twice for meetings and conferences with us. Also don't let me forget the 3 days closed in the house for Carnaval.We didn't see much for carnaval. We saw some drunk people and saw people throwing water ballons from houses and one of our investigators, a 12 yr old kid, chased us down the street with water hahaha.We had one good appointment with a man named Luis Salazar. He was a refference that other missionaries contacted in the street. He told us he had 15 min so we got to know him and planned on teaching about what is the Book of Mormon in 5 min. He ended up loving it, and us, and asked questions and an HOUR later (not the 15 min he said) we left his house with a return appointment with his whole family and he ASKED us for a copy of the book to read.That doesn't always happen. I think it happened because me and Elder Mundell were ready, obediente missionaries with the spirit, and Luis put away his distractions and actually listened with intent to us AND the spirit.To often in this life even as members do we do that. We take for granted the things we have, and IF we read the scriptures daily as the Lord has commanded us we probably don't do it very efficiently with the spirit. But if we would we would change, and start to feel things like Luis. SO...Do that this week. Don't be at ease. And don't forget to have fun as well.-Elder Hallsted


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