January 14, 2020


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mundell

#74 THEY MOVED (1/14/2020)

Hello Family and Friends, So instead of a scripture just a little tip or thought. So I was getting bothered by one of my comps and things weren't going our way so I made a goal to make a list or just a few things that I am grateful for that happened that day and WOW was it amazing. I would definitely recommend it. It will really change your thought process and attitude.THE WORST PHONE CALL A MISSIONARY CAN GET OTHER THAN RETURNING HOME EARLY HAPPENED THIS WEEK... I called the Rodriguez familia (family of 6 that are about to get baptised) to teach them one night. They are getting married in like 2 weeks, know about almost all the gospel, have read BOM until Mosiah and I called and they said they were busy packing the house to move to QUITO. THE GOLDEN FAMILY THAT I HAVE GROWN TO LOVE SO MUCH, THAT BOUGHT ME A CAKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS GOING TO MOVE. I cried a little with my comps. Its super sad and we love them so much. We traveled super far to visit people that ended up not being home when we got there. We went an hour up into the mountains one day and the person wasn't home and there were houses every 3-5 min walking and little groups of houses every 30 min. It was crazy out there but man this country is beautiful.Ya so we were on the bus and it was kinda killing me to talk to the lady next to me, I dont know why. She was playing with her kid and I was making every excuse in my head to not talk to her and then I just opened my mouth. She didn't really want to talk to me but her daughter(21) turned around from in front and said “I'm a member I was baptized 2 years ago, but my family members aren't members of the church". So we taught them and I'm just so glad I just opened my mouth cause it could help this girl have an eternal family and she is getting activated now. Funny Moments: Elders Mundell accidentally asked a woman if she lived with her wife and it was the third time that day he got jumbled up in spanish and mixed gender and me and Elder Murcia just died like right in front of the Girl.Alfredo who has a date is progressing, gaining a testimony and bringing his friends to hear us and come to church. His date is for 22 of feb and maybe a few of his friends as well.-Elder Hallsted


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