December 30, 2019


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mundell

#72 Crazy Panigos (12/30/19)

Hello Family and Friends, So we were teaching a reference outside of his house, and a panigo (sister in kichua) stopped and started talking to them in Kichua for like TEN MIN. We didn't understand everything but a little, and it was bad stuff about the church, and she was using vocab like she knew a lot about the church. At the end they told us she was a member 15 yrs ago and she was talking about how much she hates the church and she changed churches and told this family to go to her new church...while we were there teaching her…. So thats super messed up. We understood a little, and I heard a bad word in Kichua and was so tempted to show her my limited kichua vocabulary BUT I had an amazing thought.Lucas 23:34“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”Forgiveness. Ya she damaged their view of the gospel, and she probably knows common courtesy cause what she did was messed up. But the people who killed Christ also knew that they were killing an innocent man. They didn't realize how much damage they were doing, but they knew that they were doing damage. Lots of people in this world are like that. They know they do bad things, but we still need to forgive them.So Christmas day was different, but SUPER nice. We read the scriptures, straightened up the house, slept, played cards, ate the american goodies my family sent, and cooked a bunch of Mexican food and a kings breakfast in bed.The majority of our appointments fell this week and it was short. BUT THE FAMILIA RODRÍGUEZ ES LA MAMA (when you say something is the mom here it means it is the bomb, or the best).We visited them and they are ready for tithing and are solid on the Word Of wisdom. The dad told us he stopped drinking (just a little at parties) when he met us cause he wanted to change. His family is from a tiny village 3 hours on a dirt road from Quito so the missionaries don't go there. He is going to teach his family and give them a BOM.We started teaching Milton's Family) he is my convert that got baptized a week ago= and they came to a church activity and told us they have noticed how happy their dad has been lately and so we are gonna teach them like crazy.Also, I gave a surprise talk in Church this week. We finished the sacrament and they called me for a talk. SO in the 8 seconds walking up to the pulpit I mentally prepared myself. It was alright for no preparation but I like to do it super good. But the Bishop LOVED IT. We passed his test and he loves us now. And he kinda hated my old companion and the other missionaries.-Elder Hallsted


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