December 10, 2019


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mostacero

#69 Birthday Surprise (12/10/19)

Hello Family and Friends,1 Nefi 1527 And I said unto them that the water which my father saw was filthiness; and so much was his mind swallowed up in other things that he beheld not the filthiness of the water. It never stuck out to me before but Lehi didn't see the water as filthy like we see in movies or paintings. He just saw water, that was dangerous. He wasn't focused on the bad so it did him no harm. Sure he mentioned it was there but he didn't dwell on the darkness. He couldn't because he was more busy helping his family and others get to the tree, or eternal life. Don't get focused on the bad in this world. You don't have to give it your attention. Know it is bad, stay away, and focus on the good.WHAT A WEEK!Wow. So first off Mercedes got baptised. It was super cool except for the fact that the guy that baptised her got ther 45 min late(a bishop from another ward) and our bishop heard that and yelled at us for making the people wait and have a bad experience, but Mercedes said if she didn't get baptised that day by him should would wait a year for her next birthday weekend. So we waited haha. But she was super excited and her non member kids came and she shared powerful testimony.THE RODRIGUEZ FAMILY:In about 3 weeks they have read to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon as a family(probably 5-6 chapters a day). My companions told them that Friday was my birthday and so they told us to pass by for a pizza. He came and picked us up cause we were late from a lesson with our family that has a date. Elder Murcia was helping other missionaries so he drove us to pick him up. Then we ate pizza, and a Ecuadorians feast. They sang Happy Birthday in English, shoved my face in the cake and it was a great time. We also met the 18 year old Daughter that studies in quito and kinda stopped believing in God. My companions and I all feel like we are part of their family. It's the closest thing we have to a family here and they are super grateful that we visit them and shared the Gospel. SO the mom said "I'll hug you for your mom. I'll be your Ecuadorian mom". But the dad was speaking and next thing I knew she was coming in for a hug and I was like "WOAH I CAN'T do that" and she got really nervous and apologized and I explained the rule to her….AwkwardThey came to see a baptism and brought a friend, and came to Church and loved it. I received a bunch of revelation and found the perfect story in the BOM for them and so now they are really striving to get married but they need a lawyer. A MEMBER HELPED US FIND A LAWYER THAT IS A MEMBER AND HE MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP. They invited us and another family for a Family home evening and they prepared everything. Even the lesson.Its a long story but a guy was knocking on our door at 1 am and I went to talk to him but he was drunk and kinda almost got in our house(my fault, but long story that could have gone really south but it turned out good and we didn't get robbed).-Elder Hallsted


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