November 25, 2019


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mostacero

#67 FAMILIES!!!!!! (11/25/19)

Wow a crazy week.

SO I am in a companionship of 4 Elders. My New companion Elder Mostacero, My old companion Elder Murcia, and Elder Campbell. They have been having problems with health, desires, and a list of things so they live with us and its a wierd hard situation. Its kinda crazy working 3 sectors, having 3 different companions and sharing a small house with lots of people.

It is slowing our Zone down. I just became Zone Leader and we are 4 Elders in a house and we do lots of interchanges and are trying to work 3 sectors. IT IS THE WORST. They eat all my food, mess up my house and it kinda divided us this week. Two of them kinda teamed up against the other one and I am trying to help even things out so they excluded me with the other missionary. Not good. Cause the two that teamed up aren't companions but try to be.

This week the Salazar family ́s baptismal date fell. The missionaries before told us they were married, SOO I was sure they were married and very directly mentioned marriage and they got a little uncomfortable and told us that it will be difficult to get married and they know that they are living in sin. THE HARDEST AND MOST EMBARRASSING BAPTISMAL DATE THAT FELL IN MY LIFE.

We found another family of 6 that is SOO READY(Rodriguez familia). They read till 1 Nefi 15 this week as a family cause they loved reading it so much. They asked us the requirements for baptism so they want it but we told them they need to get married. They are engaged for February but we think they will move it up to get baptised cause they are ready. Their travel agency just skyrocketed this week and they told us it's because they are listening to us. The 10 year old kid prayed and kinda made a promise to God that he would read and if his family's business got help he would be like us...A MISSIONARY . The business had a boom and their clients bought their travel for the 10 year old kids birthdate. He told us he is preparing for a mission.

Also my P-days will be on Tuesday from now on. Our mission just changed days to make a few things easier.

Love y ́all
-Elder Hallsted


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