November 11, 2019


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mostacero

#65 20 min bus ride (11/11/19)

Hello Family and Friends, First off…Changes.Elder Murcia is going to train a new missionary (im a grandpa). My I was saving up to $20 to for a 12 hour bus ride and paid 30 cents and went to be the new Zone Leader of my same Zone, stake, city. It'll be cool. My companion is super cool (Elder Mostacero). He is from Lima Peru. He is super awesome. I'm Elder Murcias Zone leader so I will see him every week. IM GONNA KEEP LEARNING KICHUA.Doctrine and Covenants 138:3-43 And the great and wonderful alove made manifest by the Father and the Son in the coming of the bRedeemer into the world;4 That through his aatonement, and by bobedience to the principles of the gospel, mankind might be saved.I finished reading Doctrine and Covenants this week and WOW what a great experience. I think I found one of my new favorite verses here. We are saved by the atonement of Christ, AND our obedience to the Gospel. One quick word on obedience. There are two types of obedient people. The first type of obedient person is the one that is obedient cause its what he should do, but it isnt really what he had in mind BUT he still does it(and is blessed a little). The second type is the one who does it and is happy to be obedient. Probably is obedient for love, and is blessed in abundance, and one of the greatest blessings is that he is changed to be a better person. In the begining it may take a little bit of effort to be the second, but it will bless your life and you will be happier. ¿Are you happy going to Church meetings? Keeping Commandments? FHE? Doing your calling? Do you do it good and willingly, or just do it cause you should and to get over with it?My comp was sick and we had lots of fallen appointments but here are some quick highlights:-The Torin Family)my converts from Venezuela= are trying to learn kichua and they paid their tithing for the first time!!!What dedication. -I had to help a little directing ward Choir and playing the piano for their ward conference practice.-3 new people came to church this week:Alic and Joel Romero(have dates for baptism, the sister was working) they loved Church and have lots of friends. The other is a lady named Rubi.I will explain more about her…-Sometimes I think Richard(my convert from 3 weeks) talks to more people about the Gospel than we do. He shares his testimony to EVERYONE he meets and invites them to Church. We are gonna teach him how to explain things better cause no one has accepted him but he still does it. He has invited all of his family a COUPLE of times.This week every Stake leader came to our ward. The stake is really impressed with how the ward is progressing, the less active that we have helped, and our investigators. The Stake Pres. is super good with the Culture and is going to visit the Romero family(part member family that is less active and have a date for baptism and to be activated) WE ARE SUPER EXCITED. They are also going to visit our converts.RUBI AND LEONARDO:We started looking for them 3 months ago. The husband is an Old investigator. Then we knocked doors and met Rubi. They moved a few blocks from their old house. She almost finished 1 Nefi and came to Church with her two little kids. Her husband is kinda a bum honestly and she deserves better but had a baby really young. They aren't married but we taught them about it 2 times this week and in Church the Stake Pres. talked about the wives helping their husbands be worthy and encouraging them to guide the family. SHE LOVED IT. I KNOW she will get baptised soon...and this time she won't pay $70 to get baptised.Cayacama! (bye in Kichua)-Elder Hallsted


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