October 15, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Murcia

#61 POWER TO THE PEOPLE (Zombie Apocolypse) (October 15,2019)

Hello Family and Friends,SO if you haven't heard, Ecuador kinda went on strike this week so we were locked inside the house for 9 daysTHE STRIKE. So, like every country, Ecuador has a little debt and the Pres. wants to pay it off so he made a new law (really quickly, no one heard about it here till it happened. like over night they approved the law). This law says that Gasoline will get taxed heavy to pay off the debt. So OVERNIGHT the gas price doubled. SO that means the price of everything will double or more than double overnight. SO the taxi drivers blocked the road, so no buses. Then the people went on strike and there are huge road blocks covering the country. If someone tries to use a car it gets stoned, the protesters pop the tires and they will probably do bad things to the people inside. The streets are covered in boulders, wood, spikes, people, tires, and they are lighting stuff on fire and putting it in the street to make good road blocks. Day 3 everything was getting closed and destroyed. Its for a little chaos, and people are breaking into stores and robbing cause the stores aren't open and they kinda want to show the Pres. that the country got shut down. There isn't really food so everyone is living off of what they have, and in some citiess they cut the water and power. They sent out the army, but it is about 350 ecuadorians to every soldier. SO the ecuadorians are kicking butt and capturing the soldiers. Soldiers throw tear gas, and the people throw it back at the soldiers.The protesters were capturing the Soldiers to try to use them as a barganing Chip. Then all the Indigenous people planned to walk to Quito to break into the Presidents house and... (just imagine how scared that presidente was. A Lamanite army was on its way to destroy him, but they aren't normal lamanites, God is with them. Whats scarier than that?!?) SO the Presidente took his helicopter to Guayaquil to camp it out. The Saturday the 12th (I think) the military started using heavier stuff but the indeginous people were fighting their hearts out. People died fighting. Finally Sunday night THE PRESIDENT SURRENDERED AND REVOKED THE LAW ABOUT GAS!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! It started Thursday the 3rd, we had to enter the house at 7 pm that day till Sunday, and then we were told to stay in the house from that Sunday the 6th until Martes (Tuesday) the 15th. It ended Sunday night (13th) but they wouldn't let us go out still. What a mess. It kinda ruined the 4 baptisms we were gonna have this month. Its gonna take a lot for them to still happen.But other than that,-I ate bugs. They come out of the earth every 2 years and just fry them up. The beetle looking one wasn't bad, but the worm one should be against the Word of Wisdom. My comp got sick(But I didn't). I kept teasing him that he had a stomach ¨Bug¨ haha.With all that time we had (we were dying) we…-Cleaned the house a FEW times-Worked out a TON-Played uno and Chess 5000 times-Had district meeting on a conference call (we dressed up as indigenous people for the meeting)-I finished the Libro De Mormon (I was like halfway done with Alma), and almost finished Doctrine and Covenants. IT WAS AWESOME. I did it all in spanish and I had my Preach my Gosple out marking stuff and read a really good chunk of the Cross references to the Bible. So I wasnt speed reading but I really studied. And Man did my testimony grow. We didnt see the Angels but there were definitly Angles ministering to us and we recieved a ton of revelation.NOS VEMOS-Elder HallstedPS: From Bentley’s parents, thank you all for your love, support and prayers. We got an email on Monday from Bentley’s mission president indicating that the situation had been resolved late Sunday night, but the missionaries were asked to stay in their apartments on Monday. Bentley got to call us on Tuesday and tell us all about it. We were very relieved to hear that things are returning to normal and the violence and protesting has stopped. We are very grateful that Bentley is safe and things are returning to normal. Thank you all for your love and concern for Bentley, the missionaries and the people of Ecuador. Bruce and Brooke Hallsted


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