October 6, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Murcia

#60 Power to the People (10/6/19)

Hello Family and Friends,
So if you haven't heard, Ecuador isn't having the best of times right now. There is a country wide strike/riot so my email will be early, short and with limited information.

We were only able to watch General Conference on Saturday and just about every other day this week here not much has happened. Everyone is busy in the strike/riot so no one will let us visit them. Not even the members are home. So we deep cleaned the house, studied, and played a TON of Uno.

Also I have rededicated my life to learning Kichua(the indigenous language here) cause I'm gonna be here till mid november. I made a book to study and pretty soon I'll be praying and testifying in Kichua (hopefully)

I will send a more detailed email about it soon.

-Elder Hallsted

PS: A Little note from Bentley’s parents. We got to speak to Bentley on the phone last Sunday (10/6/19). He was told to email and/or call last Sunday because they had to stay in their apartment on Monday (his normal day to email or call) - no going out of their apartment due to civil unrest. Apparently there is a lot of rioting in the streets right now because there was a large increase in taxes on gas - the price of gas doubled over night. We have only found limited information on world news websites and on the state department website. State department warns about traveling to Ecuador right now, there is no travel between cities due to the riots. All buses and taxis are parked in the roadways and lots of fires in the roads and Bentley says that every rock that was on the side of the road is now on the road. We received a facebook message from Bentley’s Mission President yesterday that all missionaries are accounted for and safe at their apartments. Local church leaders have been to check on the missionaries and make sure they have some food. As his parents, we would ask a favor that you keep Bentley and all of the missionaries in Ecuador in your prayers, and pray for the people of Ecuador that the issues related to the rioting can be resolved peacefully in short order.
Thank you,
Bruce and Brooke Hallsted

PSS Please feel free to send Bentley an email at


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