September 2, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Murcia

#55 EL PROFETA! (9/2/19)

Hello Family and Friends,

So the Prophet came....AND HE SPOKE IN SPANISH WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? He told us to keep the Commandments. I liked how he said that we should keep them with gratitude and give thanks. WOW. Like do we really look at the commandments as a protection and keep them while giving thanks for having them?

Sister Cook "dont get discouraged if things dont turn out good. Try again" (FHE Or religios activities)

Sister Nelson "Pray for what we want/need...OR SOMETHING BETTER."God is always willing to bless us. "The Lord is just as willing to give us revelation as he is willing to give it to his Prophet”

It was super good.

WE FOUND SOMEONE THAT IS GONNA GET BAPTIZED!!!! So we found a super awesome dude named Richard Cachiguango (21). He kinda almost died and had a big surgery and this week got out of his bed for the fist time in 3 months. It was a miracle that his super catholic mom let us inand we found him. His cousin is a member in the ward and he has a date for October 12.

I went to another sector and met a SUPER awesome dude. Fully converted. He got baptised 8 months ago and I heard about it. He cant get married to his wife cause they have problems with a marrige from before, but he was so converted he built a little shed and sleeps with Hampsters and chickens so he could get baptised without being married. Thats how humble and dedicated people become when they are fully converted.

This week we found so many good people...AND A FAMILY. They are super cool and basically begged us to come back but it might be a little rough with their schedule and some commandments. But we are super excited to teach them.

Love you all!


-Elder Hallsted


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