August 5, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Murcia


Hello Family and Friends,SOOOMosiah 8:18 18 Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings.A TON OF MIRACLES THIS WEEKOn Saturday everything possible fell. The appointments, lunch fell through, and the two baptimal dates we had dropped like rocks. With the baptism, we were with Sinde and Jeraline and the grandparents(members) and the parents called and we didn't understand cause they spoke in kichua but we picked up a bit and then they passed us the phone and the Dad said they couldn't be baptized cause he wants to be there but he is selling his products in the Coast. So he told us he will return from this trip the end of November and then she can be baptized. So we went and comforted her talking and with scriptures and said maybe she can't be baptized cause the parents changed their mind. She looked at us and said "my mom signed the paper, can't you just baptize me anyways" I was like woah what the heck. She just told us she really wants to get baptized ASAP (she had some special visions and dreams from God and her Ancestors motivating her). So we told her we won't baptize her cause we don't want it to destroy her family. Then like 30 min later the dad called and said he would stop his trip and come back for 3 days to be here for the baptism. YEAHHHHHHHH BABY. But it is super complicated so stay tuned next week to see if it happens.One of the members asked us if we can ask our contacts and other members for money to suport a teenage soccer game, or if we will pitch in....hard no saddly.Elder Murcia, who I am training, was really missing his family in the begining and almost went back home but we have talked and now he is a rockstar out here. We work really REALLY well together and are seeing miracles.ALSO THINGS WENT DOWN YESTERDAY. A 15 year old kid who has been a "member" for like 5 years tried to get his temple recomend but it looks like he is not a member. He was baptized but not confirmed so they want us to get him ready to be baptized by FRIDAY IN 5 DAYS (we will keep the records straight this time). It is a TON of work but his cousin turns 8 and will be baptized that same day so we got special permission and are doing crazy things to get him ready to be baptized. MIRACLES IN CARABUELA. Honestly it kinda just fell in our lap but we have seen miracles right and left cause we work so well together and have the spirit super strong and are always praying for special miracles.ALSO SINDE WILL GET BAPTISED ON SATURDAY.Also that little kid that had a baptismal date a few weeks ago isn't gonna get baptised. He doesn't have a steady home so might get inactivated really easilly. We told him this week that maybe later in life he can but for now no...he kinda cried and said ok. He has been to church for a steady 3 months. It was sad.-Elder HallstedEating Cuy (that’s guniea pig, an Ecuadorian delicacy)


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