July 22, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Murcia

#49 Piggy Rub (July 22, 2019)

Hello Family and Friends,1 Nephi 7:44 And it came to pass that we went up unto the house of Ishmael, and we did gain favor in the sight of Ishmael, insomuch that we did speak unto him the words of the Lord. We have been having more success here because of the members. They have friends that trust them or "have favor in their eyes" and then they present them to us and we teach them what the Lord wants us to teach. Lots of times we have knocked their door before and they didn't give us a chance, but with a friend they will hear and know of the truthfulness. So invite a friend over to a Family Home Evening with the missionaries.So I haven't mentioned him much, but we are teaching a 10 year old kid named Cesar. Lots of people say lots of different things about his story, but one parent might have killed the other, and then the living parent abandoned him years ago. He moved here to live with his Grandpa who is a member (the grandpa barely speaks spanish). He has a date for baptism the 3rd of August. We went over to get his grandpa to sign for permission, BUT he doesnt know how to write...SO I was like just try something for a signature and he got upset and yelled that he doesnt know how to, so I whipped out my camera and asked for his permision on video in very simple spanish. President called me clever so thats awesome. We will see what the mission department says about it…IF YOU EVER SEE A PIG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!So I learned what happens if you give a pig a belly rub... It LOOOOVES it and falls down. Literally falls to the ground. The small ones hit the deck like someone is shooting at them and it so funny. The big ones kinda act drunk or dizzy and try to stay standing but can't. It is the worlds best stress releiver. It cures anything.So me and my comp were praying for a miracle this week with a guy we are teaching but it looks like it won't happen. But then the Bishop called us and told us he visited a less active family with a 13 year old girl that had a FEW visions about the Church, her family, and lots of stuff. The Bishop explained baptism to her and she asked how soon she could be baptised. It looks like she might get special permission to get baptised early. We just have to teach her a little.Thats always nice. It makes up for all the rough experiences I have had.-Elder Hallsted


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