July 8, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez

#47 I met a WIZARD

Hello Family and Friends,This is what the Lord Says to José Smith when he is in Jail, and to Elder Hallsted when he gets notified that he is going to train a new Elder that might be white and not speak spanish...But I will meet my new companion in 2 days when he arrives to Ecuador.7 And if thou shouldst be cast into the apit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the bdeep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to chedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of dhell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee eexperience, and shall be for thy good.So the new Mission President got here. he is from Venezuela but has lived in Utah for about 22 years working as an electrical engineer. He has like 7 kids but only the 17 year old daughter (last one) is here in Ecuador with them.Our sector is small. Like small and everyones name is written in the little book of info we have like 5 times. I was calling people that talked with the missionaries a few years ago and one dude was super friendly and ASKED us for a visit. My comp “didn't know him" but in the night trying to find his house my comp was like “oh no, oh no” and asked to see the name again and it turns out it was the mans name and his wife's name, not the mans last name. My companion taught them and almost baptised thier son but things happened and my comp just told me to avoid that house before cause they just want us to work in their fields haha. So they want us to visit them again but wont come to church. He started to tell us he needs help with his crops so we were like oh no we are late and kinda changed theme and walked out but invited them to ask us about the service when they “come to church”.Oh boy what a sad, happy, and enraging story. We are teaching a 50 yr old Venezuelan man that is pretty cool. Has the nicest house here cause he is a CIVIL engineer and built it himself. The last Elder found him just before I got here, but this man, Raul, said he wouldn't go to Church or Pray to ask God If the Book Of Mormon was true until he read IT ALL. Well he finished it. We went to his house with a member and they hit it off right away then we asked Raul if he asked God like we told him to. He said “ya,ya I asked God. I said my prayer and felt peace and happy, so I know it is true and is of God.” We were just beaming. Then he said “but I'm lutheran and im Comfortable how I am with what I've got”. Jaw dropping. We talked with him but he is so stuck on not changing. He doesn't mind hearing us but wont change. Man we were so upset. HOW STUPID IS THAT. Dang those stubborn Civil Engineers!!!(Sorry I couldn't help myself. Completely joking haha).I ate Pig ear this week.FUNNY DUMB ELDER STORY:So sometimes my companion isn't the brightest and does dumb stuff. So we went to put a baptismal date on a 10 yr old kid who moved here to live with his grandpa who is a member. My comp saw a machete and was playing with it out front while we waited and we were about to go in so he threw it in the dirt to make it stick up… but where he threw it happened to be a water pipe….Ya that wasn't fun. Water shooting everywhere, my companion all dirty, and imagine how much the grandpa loves us. Good times.-Elder HallstedPS I met a warlock-wizard and I'll put his story below. Hopefully it makes sense, or send me some questions.A WIZARD-WARLOCKMelchor…78 year old man with one tooth and a deaf wife. Used to be a wizard until about five years ago he found the Gosple thanks to two Elders. He stopped the wizardry cause he found the Gospel and God told him in a vision that what he was doing was prohibited. He only knows how to speak Kichua so was taught buy the missionaries through a translator )member se llama German=. We sat down with both of them one night and heard his story in Kichua then translated to spanish…EnjoySo when Melchor was about 10’12 his uncle took him to the orient)the jungle-amazon of Ecuador=. His uncle was one of these wizards and went to the Orient to work some of this magic with the Native tribes there. In the Orient there are more people and tribes that do this type of stuff more concentrated. Some say that this stuff is passed down from the secret combinations of the Gadianton Robbers. But his uncle took him and he learned it there. He saw things there in the Fire. Like visions or a magic mirror and could see the Past, Present, and Future. He wasnt specific but the did something to the fire to unclock these visions. But think about it. Most people can look at fire and be entranced for hours...Could fire be a gateway to magic_He now kinda specialized in healing with special smoothed river stones. It kinda slipped out but he told us he can awaken people to spirits and this world. I wont tell you cause you shouldnt try it but it slipped out of his mouth. You have to do a certain action that I wont reveal with one of these stones and wild woof hair. There is one other way but that is easier than pulling hair from a woof but it has lots of ingredients and I forgot. He said he doesn't do it anymore but still has the stones cause they are enchanted and come back to him like Percy Jacksons pen. Maybe not so quickly, BUT THEY ALWAYS come back. SO he just keeps them in his house and gave them names.All of the magic basically ended 5 years ago when the Elders came and taught him. He said they saved his soul from being condemned and sold to the devil)we{ll get to that a little later=. He listened to them and at one point had a special vision in a dream from God. He said God told him that the wizardry and magic stuff was prohibited and leaded to a dark path cause it was of the devil.He then described God. They only thing is that the Translation from Kichua to spanish isn't 100% cause he speaks Kichua like no ones business and knows special vocabulary that is becoming lost so the member might not know the exact words. BUT… God is white) he pointed at my skin for an example=, and has hair like mine but is blondish)could be translated to white= and goes down to about his shoulders.But he told us one of his dealings with the devil. The Devil showed him how to unlock secret treasures in the earth. One time he did it with his uncle and they were showed and about to pull out a giant group of gold or coins and lots of well… treasure. They took it to some type of Bank I think and they guy saw it and traded it for 20 million dolars. WOW. Then when he was older he went looking again. the trick he said is to focus and think of the devil and he will open your eyes to the secrets of the earth or something like that. SO on day with his family he went looking. He found A BIG one. It was about 8 meters deep )we think= and he was harnessed so his family could pull him up when he had it. He said he reached it and touch his shovel to it and then...he messed up. He thought of God for one second and the treasure moved. Like went in the earth even more deeper. So the Devil was kinda training him to focus on the Devil and it was more or less after that that the Elders came. But the Devil wasn't done. He came and visited him a little after his baptism and was a small man with a little bit of fur. Like in between man and monkey. The Devil told him there was another treasure he had to get so the Devil could have his wife's soul. So he had the Elders bless his house and then the Devil and spirits left.Sometimes the Devil gives people sicknesses like Diahrea. Some people say it is true and other no. Im very sure the majority of it is true. I didnt believe this stuff before I got here but its real.


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