July 2, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez


Hello All, Its gonna be short this week but here we go:2 Nephi 11:66 And my soul delighteth in proving unto my people that save Christ should come all men must perish.A list of things that happened this week.-I picked corn with the District for 3 hours one morning- helped build a house-We saw a bunch of indians do a festive dance till about 3 am.-We saw an indigenous wedding engagement-We said goodbye to President that was hard. All the Sister missionaries were crying. He is such an awesome man.So the native Indian dance:Basically they have a circle of people playing instruments and then a larger outside circle of people walking/stomping around. They dance for food, so they let people know they will come ahead of time. They go from house to house. Towards the end more people came and it got BIG, LOUD, AND CRAZY. Lots of people dressed up. Most people went home at 11 pm or midnight, but our neighbors are hardcore natives and danced till 3 am. Maybe they ended cause it was late and they were tired, or maybe cause of exhaustion. But that was super cool.Wedding Proposal:I think Normal Ecuadorians do something more or less what we do, but here in the tribes IT IS BIG. Everyone knows when it will happen. The guy has to notify the Girl and her family to be ready to recieve them at such day and time. The guys parents buy a TON of food. Like 1000 breads, 1000 cooked potatoes, 2000 bananas (cheap stuff) probably over 2000 assorted fruits, 20 3 liters of soda, 10 cooked Chickens or Cuyis, Lots of other stuff. Then they have friends and family come to help make the proposal (maybe 50 people) so they pay for a bus to get everyone there. We saw someone the otclude a cow or even 2 cows. Then they dump it on the porch for the parents and maybe do a little negotiating for the girl and Bang you got engaged. Its kinda like a giant party and both sides of the family cook food for the guests while they wait.-Elder Hallsted


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