June 24, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez

#45 Representative Agency

So kind of a boring week. We got busy with meetings, traveling to the other mission one day (all day) to do visa stuff and ya.Something that Elder Bednar mentioned to us was about agency. He said there is no such thing as "free agency" in the scriptures it is "agency" or "moral agency". He said we as members made a covenant to take Christs name upon us and so we have to respect that covenant and we then have representative agency. Because what we do isnt only our choice and consequence. It is tied with Christ. What are you doing with your agency to honor it, Christ, and your covenants?BAPTISMS: WAHOOOO Clinton and Jhon Ipiales(11,9 yrs old) got baptised this week. Their parents are close to doing it. The mom wants to do it and likes the Church but feels like it is disloyal to her husband and doesnt want to do it solo. I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE DADS PROBLEM. I was just like hey come listen to what we teach your kids and he said "no just them for now". So I was like dude whats you deal, why wont you gus a chance?He said "no not me”.So I said " have you ever listened to missionaries before or like what happened"( kinda inspired question but I was worried he was gonna cancel the baptism for his kids and kick us out ).Man that was just what he needed. He didnt get upset but told me he attened our church and listened to the missionaries before he got married and he just doesnt like our Church. PROGRESS. Then then next day we passed by to remind them about the baptism and helped them shovel rock for 4 hours. So we will see how it goes.There is a plant here called Ortiga that people grow here and when it touches you you get like an allergic reaction and it feels tinglyy and hurts and itches. From 1 hour to 12 hours. They use it here to whack their kids when they misbehaive or when the Bishop likes to mess with us. He whcked us on the arm and man you feel it.CULTURE:So this week is called San Juan, or Inti Raymi(kichua) which is sun festival. People dance and play music at other peoples houses for food. Its cool. But in the city right next to us it is really strong and is a tradition from the Lamanites and Nephites and they kinda fight and people die every year and the missionaries there are getting taken out for a week. My sector is chill and has lots of members so no one dies. But there is lots of culture here.-Elder HallstedPS: Please send me a letter at


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