June 17, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez

#44 Cow Crap In Ma Mouth

Querido familia y amigos,
So highlight of the week was having interchanges. I had to lead my new sector and a North American who doesn't speak much spanish came with me. It was rough but man I miss Americans sometimes. Same culture, beliefs, don't do quite so many weird things and have good humor. My weirdest experience in the mission happened that day. We went to visit some less active members (older people) and I only mention that they are old cause the older the people get the more spanish they forget and switch to Kichua. So we asked to visit them and they invited us in and the lady asked my to say the prayer and as soon as I open my mouth to so it...She said it. Like a 10 minute prayer in mostly Kichua and she said ¨Jesus Christ¨a lot so I thought she had finshed so I had my eyes open the majority of the time thinking she finished cause I had know idea what she was saying. I shared a quick scripture, she commented on it in spanish, then went on a rant for 10 minutes in kichua. I interrupted her and told her we didn't understand her and she ignored me and kept going. Then finally we kinda just cut her off and said ÿou´re speaking in Kichua, and we don't understand Kichua¨so she laughed and the husband (a little more sane) yelled at her and thanked us and we left. That doesn't even describe half of how weird it was. The newbie with me was freaked out. I ate cow heart with the Gringo. They gave it to us and I ate mine, then the dad told me what it was but it was in Kichua so we didn't understand. My comp put it in his mouth, chewed a little, and then in English asked me what it was. I had to mess with him and replied ¨thats cow weiner¨ and he just froze and just about threw it up and I quickly said ¨just kidding¨man the look on his face killed me. But it was something like cow heart and the meat was...different but eatable...until I got a part that looked like a tube. I think it might have been intestine but they didnt clean it out good so it tasted like straight up cow crap. I tried to eat it but it was rubbery and I physically couldn't bite it or swallow it. SO after 5 minuets of cow crap gum I spit it out, cut it, then tried to eat it again. Thats nice that they want to eat every part of the animal but it needs to get cleaned out better so it doesn't taste like that.BAPTISMS: So Saturday Brian Ayovi got baptised. He is awesome. 18 years old and we are working with his family but they are kinda hard cause they had a bad experience with the Sister missionaries a few years back Clinton and John (11,9 yrs) will get baptised next saturday and their parents said they are going to come and see it. Their dad is a little bit bipolar and hated us at first but now he loves us and we help him with his animals and he helps us with Kichua.For service this week I picked corn for like 3-4 hours. It WAS WORK. Man those 70 yr old ladies that do it everyday are such beasts.Today for P-day I traveled a litle more than an hour by bus, then 2 hours in a little truck to got to a Snow volcano (Cayambe - google it). Super awesome but super freezing. It was cloudy and I don't have much pics but I will probably go again in a few months and have some super awesome pics.-Elder Hallsted


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