June 17, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez

#43 Killer Cow

Spiritual thought. The atonement. So it includes Christs suffering in Getsemani, his death on the Cross, and his ressuerection. Its what allows us to repent, become ressuerected, change, become more like Christ, live with God even though we are unperfect, and many more things. I like the scripture in Ether 3:1414 Behold, I am he who was aprepared from the foundation of the world to bredeem my people. Behold, I am Jesus Christ. I am the cFather and the Son. In me shall all mankind have dlife, and that eternally, even they who shall believe on my name; and they shall become my esons and my daughters. So its not heavy packed with the Atonement but it mentions a few things. Especially if you study some of the foot notes. But my overall point is that he mentions the atonement when he more or less formally introduces himself to the brother of Jared. Kinda like in 3 Nephi 11 he introduces himself with the sacrifice that he made. So the cool things I ate this week. Chicken soup. It had potatoes, noodles, good broth, chicken and undeveloped little baby chickens which was new. They just skinned he chicken and cooked it with everything inside just about and this one was a mom and had like a ton of babies so it came out with small undeveolped hard boiled eggs that were really strongly flavored.Pure Suger cane. Aw man. Its like when you eat a pixi stick and your mom yells its not candy just straight sugar. So our neighnor called us over and cut down some a cane from the ground then peeled the outside layer with a machete and gave us some. It was like a hard bark you have to kinda bite it up and suck and out comes like sugar water. Cool/awesome/dangerous experincesSo we were begining a lesson with a part member family and they got a call that their relatives needed help building a house so we offered to help them. They have heard from missionaries before and know lots but now they love us. We pretty much just helped take concrete to the third floor. Thats kinda how the work is in this area. WORK. Its a little village and everyone knows about the missionaries so we kinda just offere service until they ask us to teach them. One guy named Oscar yelled at the last missionary here cause he didnt want them knocking his door, then after changes I came here and he lost his job so he begged us to teach him English. I am teaching him. We read the Book of Mormon in English and spanish every time. I slip some doctrine in and he hasnt yelled at me yet so its a start.A COW ALMOST KILLED ME. So the Ipiales family. 17 year old Estefania was baptized 2 weeks ago. Her two youger brothers will be baptized in 2 weeks(they are awesome and know more than the adults we teach and love the church). The mom wants to investigate the Church but the Dad doesnt like it. He is jealous that his family is choosing our church. They have permission from their dad but he doesnt really like it (jealousy). But now we have a good relationship with him and the other day we asked how we could help and he told us to bring the cow in from the feild. I was like Heck yes I would love to. Normally the cow just walks and knows what it is doing and it is easy. I grab the rope and start walking it down the mountain with everyone else at my side. Then the cow starts running. I planted my feet to show it whos boss, then it really started running. I ran down hill with it for a bit but man cows can run fast. Then it started dragging me(I had my feet first so it was kinda like a ride) so it was picking up speed dragging me for like 25 feet on my rear until everyone starts yelling to let go so I was like if it runs away it is no longer my fault and let go. Then the Cow just stops. It just didnt like that Im new and had its rope so we just walked alongside it to the house cause it knows the way. Man I never thought I would do that in my life. Dont try that at home kids.-Elder Hallsted


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