June 8, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez


Wow this place is awesome. SO FIRST THINGS FIRST I SAW ELDER DAVID A: BEDNAR. Wow that was awesome.Honestly there are things he taught us, and the spirit taught us that I probably cant write because of how personal or sacred it was but it was awesome. He talked about the work of the Apostles and he didnt prepare anything before hand. He asked us what we learned in our studies and we discused a few principles and topics for a while then we asked him questions. It was about 3 hours of that. Man he is awesome. SO read that, then my adventures.One of the things he talked about was how lots of times we pray without faith. In vain. Everyone has heard a prayer in the Church when they say "Please bless those who arent here to come next week" . Its a good thought but is kinda worthless. He said we need to act and do are part he said a good prayer should be something like this " Heavenly father, we thank thee for the opportunity to be here in church. Please bless those in this meetng to go and get their friends when I finish this prayer and bring them to church. And if the bishop doesnt like my prayer he should tell me to end it and sit down right now...(of course he wont, so continue.) Father please help us to think of those who arent here, and when I say AMEN help us to bring our friends back and please bless us to not all go to the same house. AMEN". Could you imagine if some one said that in sacrament meeting? Im not saying to go and do that, maybe something similar would really bless some lives but its the principle. We pray without faith cause we dont have an action planned and God isnt going to do our work. SO this week PRAY WITH FAITH AND PASS BY SOMEONE ON YOUR WAY TO CHURCH. A name or face WILL come to your mind. Share the blessings you have and help other to enjoy the truthis and blessings in you life. Ok now the fun/interesting stuff. BUT DO IT.So first day I arrived my comp took me to meet the bishop. The first thing I ate here was cow stomach... It wasnt too bad. A little different but WAY better than tomatoes. The house here used to be super bad. it is still probably the worst in the mission but it has been fixed up and cleaned and is way better than when I saw it 6 months ago. THE SHOWER. Oh the shower is a blessing(slightly sarcastic). I have saved so much time thanks to this shower. Cause normally I like to enjoy my showers a little but here the water comes out FREZZING COLD or just really cold. So it is always a quick shower and I have more time in the mornings now. So oh the bright side it is a blessing to have more time to do things.The view is beautiful. A few volcanos, some a little snow covered, the clouds are just beautiful and sometimes we walk in clouds and you can only see like 5 ft like in the movies. THERE ARE A TON OF COWS AND PIGS. My comp has knocked every single door here, so we kinda just offere service like a lot. We have a 18 yr old boy with a date for baptism in 2 weeks, and a 9 and 11 for the end of June. They are all super cool and ready. We just put a date on the two kids last night. The mom doesnt think her husband will let her get baptised but he gave permission to the two kids and their 17 yr old sister was baptised one week ago.THE KIDS. Man this ward is awesome. I LOVE the kids. They are just always jumping on us and playing like you see in the movies. Everytime I try to walk one will jump on my back and try to get a piggy back ride.Quichua. I am in the most native region of the country. It is hard, many missionaries told me nothing is here and its the worst sector but it is actually super awesome. I am in a little native village. It is difficuilt not knowing Quichua. Everyone here knows it and learns it as a kid and then they teach them spanish in school. So the younger generation speaks spanish cause they feel more comfortable with it, but almost everyone over 50 doesnt speak any spanish. I am starting to learn it but it is hard and weird but people will respect me and listen to me more, and half the people here only speak Quichua. Even people that speak spanish prefer Quichua so sometimes we have to bring a translator to the lessons. THAT IS THE WORST. IT IS SO RUDE TO TALK IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE INFROT OF OTHERS. It happens. We had a lesson with a memeber and all of a sudden they switch to Quichua and talk to themselves for like 15 minuets and sometimes point at us (we arent complete idiots) and we have no idea what they say. Church was more than 90% quichua. One person shared their testimony in spanish and the bishop spoke quichua then spanish when he told me to stand up and be noticed as the new missionary everyone looked at me and i was like what the heck. Then he spoke in spanish and I got what was going onMy companion has knocked every door here so we give more service than we teach lessons. It 3 ish weeks I will probably be plowing and tilling field by hand more or less.Also I caught a fire fly so that is super cool. Also, WowaNyabi is Quichua for "face of baby" which is what the Bishop first called me.Ya chao!Send Bentley and email at bentley.hallsted@missionary.org1. My new zone, with President Murphy.2. Elder Ramirez, my new companion.3. View of my new area. 4. And another shot of my new area.


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