May 27, 2019


Carabuela, Ecuador


Elder Ramirez

#41 Tri-lingual

Dear Fam and Friends,
So I got transfered. My sector is called Carabuela. I am basically in a city called Otavalo. Which is where all of the Natives are from. They are kinda basically the Lamanites and lots of them have stories from when a white God(Christ) came to the Americas.
MY SECTOR. So the bugs are bad. Like everyones legs are just covered. I was told my bed was cleaned with some heavy cleaner a few times but there are still bed bugs or fleas...It was one of the worst houses but now it is a little bit better. We will see.
I will be learning a new language. Quichua. It is an old native language. EVERYONE here speaks it. Most of them know spanish but dont like to speak it. Sacrament meeting is straight up Quichua from what they have told me. So I won't really understand anything. It is the most native sector in the mission. The cow population is higher than the human population. Also sometime this month I will eat soup of 31. Thats what it is called. It is 31 organs or parts from the cow…But I will send a better update next week.
Leaving was rough. Man saying bye to Rosa Maria was hard. She was super sad to see us go and the whole family came out to say bye. She wanted to give us something or do something for us but there wasn't much notice so she told us to wait as we were leaving and went to here room. She came back out with $20 in her hand from her family savings. They are kinda poor and the room got silent when she tried to give it to us. The family was a little shocked, but at the same time in agreement and it was a really tender moment. She offered it a couple of times and we said no, then she told us it was in the name of God and he wanted her to give it to us but we told her we couldn't accept it (mission rules. It was kinda super rude to deny a gift/sacrifice like that but...) then she started crying and her husband softly said "Honey, its that they can't accept it" and she just cried and thanked us for changing her life and helping her. It was kinda late so she tried mumbling goodbye then we left and she was still balling.
Rosa Maria is from the place I am in now. She speaks fluent Quichua. Also she taught me a few words. It kinda sounds like the guy on Napolean Dynomite that talks about the feild and no one understands, with a mix of weird whisperings.
Kaya Kama! ( Quichua for until later! I think)
-Elder - feel free to drop Bentley a note at this email.
Couple of Photos to close out his time in Ofelia
1. P-day at the equator
2. Elder Hallsted, Elder Quispe and Rosa Maria
3. My district in Ofelia


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