April 29, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Quispe

#37 Ecuadors Greatest House Hunters

HAPPY APRIL 29th!So I'm gonna mix the order up a bit this time. The mission isn't allways candy canes and Unicorns, but it really just depends on your attitude and if you let things get you down, cause then you lose the spirit and it just gets worse. So we kept up our attitude but were bombarded this week.Tuesday I got such a nice wake up call at 6:15 in the morning from Elvira Huaman (had a date for baptism) and she told us she has her Church, Bible, and doesn't like the Book Of Mormon or understand anything so she doesn't want visits anymore. OOF. Then I layed back down and the alarm went off. I don't think she understands that as missionaries we can't make up for sleeping time in the mission. Then at 7:30 we get a knock on the door and some guy gives me a paper for the house and it turns out we are getting kicked out of the house. Right in a row. Smack to the face. But we didn't let it get us down which was good.We have actually found some good houses. Everyone wants the Elders to rent from them cause we dont cause problems or have pets or kids. They offer us the washing machine, and one guy said an initial fee of $400 and we said hmmm. Not knowing if that is normal or not so without a second he said ök $200, and we can negotiate for lower¨. It was crazy that guy wants us to live there so bad. Even though I'm white and people normally charge me more!!!Also we have two eternal Investigadors here. One met the missionaries 2 years ago, comes to church everyweek, cleans the church every Saturday, has a testimony, but just doesn't feel ready. He told us two weeks ago he had reflection because of our Hawaii/Plan of Salvation activity cause everyone died in the plane and we don't know when we will all die. So we talked with him, straightened some things out, and were a little harsh to be honest. He knows he won't live with God again how he is now and he told us he isn't prepared. So we told him he is and read the baptismal interview questions with him on the spot. HE PASSED! almost. He didnt pass question 6 which asks if you are willing to enter into this covenant. Literally he just lacks desires. He said he is waiting for an anwser from God. Even though he knows it is true. SO we kinda lit him up a tad bit then ended the lesson and as he left I gave him his picture from the Hawaii activity and said ¨Don't wait till the plane crashes¨. So there we are. We had basically the exact same thing with a man named Mesiahs as well. He wants to wait until God tells him to do it (get baptized). He prays for us by name for safety and that we will have patience with him and keep visiting him. Cause he knows there isn't much more we can do for him and we aren't going to come by much from now on but he wants the visits.Rosa Marias (baptised 2 months ago) family came to Church today. We went to there house and watched a video for 4 minutes then told me to not miss out on blessings they can have and they came. They still don't want to change but we are making progress with them. Rosa is awesome. She told us she wants her family to be converted and obey the commandments and we told her everyone has their agency. She the told us she is helping them make good choices by cooking their breakfast before they do and she is slowly lowering their coffee intake by changing their morning drink to other drinks so that they obey the Word of Wisdom HAHAHA.Ya all is going good here in QuitoChao!-Elder Hallsted(if you would like to send Bentley a note his email is


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