April 15, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera


So BUSY BUSY BUSY.This week we did lots of Planning for our activity Viaje a Hawaii (Trip to Hawaii). The leaders were stressing us out and we were fasting and praying like crazy, calling them almost everyday cause they weren't doing anything to get ready and it turned out super good. Everything was last minute and with bad communication on their part but it was awesome. We had out two people with a baptismal date come, a few other investigators, and members brought some friends. Everyone loved it. It was a plane ride. A projected plane take off, then the plane stalled with some awesome sound effects, lights flashing and people screaming. Then the Pilot said they all died and they passed through the Spirit World and the 3 Degrees of Glory. I was in the Terestial (moon) and talked about it and they type of people who live there for 4 minutes then I asked two members who were pretending to live there some questions about that place, their lives on earth, and what they would do differently. It was awesome, and they cried. like it wasn't planned but it just kinda hit them about the things we do in this life and if we are prepared.We had a moth in our house.I know that doesn't sound so cool, but its wing span was bigger than my hand. It was bigger than a bat, and I thought it was a joke and said ¨Really Elder what is that¨ thinking it was fake for a joke, and he ran out of the room freaking out and I realized it was real. HUGE. Its Phisical body was as long and maybe a little fatter than my index finger.Going with Elder Rivera to say Goodbye was really hard. Rosa Maria who got baptized in Feb. started balling and pretty soon we were all kinda crying. She didn't want him to go, and begged us to not forget her and to call and visit her. She thanked us for changing her life, and couldn't look at us or get up so we shook her hand and had to go. Monica held herself together but was super sad and made me promise lots of times to keep visiting her and to call when it is my time to leave.Changes were crazy to say the least. Elder Rivera skipped training a new missionary and got called to be a Zone leader in the Biggest Zone in the mission, and I am now a Disitrict Leader... I will stay here for at least one more change. My New companion is Elder Quispe. He is from Peru and has 1 year and about 6 months in the mission. Hopefully things go good between us, so far he seems awesome. I was surprised and not the biggest fan to hear the Change. My District is me, my Companion, and 2 Sisiter Missionaries. One sister has been here with me for 3 months and the other in my last sector with me for 3 months. They are really good missionaries with lots of experience. SO my new responsibilites…I get to Interview people for Baptism,I conduct a Disitrict Council everyweek for one and a half hours, consisting of me having to give a training or teaching to the other Missionaries (oh boy am I excited). I make a bunch of calls and have to know what is going on in the Zone and with the Sisiters. Its not so bad, but I'm worried about training other missionaries. Especially cause one sister likes to correct me ALOT and tell me what I need to do and that I need to be better...So ya. But it should be good for me. Just a little stressful cause I've got a handful of other problems right now. Our landlord is going to kick us out we think. The security Guard asked us if we know and we said no so he gave us a heads up that her son wants to live there and we will get kicked out soon. The missionaries have lived here for almost 6 years so that amount of time, and being that young adults lived here for those 6 years there are a few wears and tears and so I have to find some repair men here to help us out and then I have to find a new House (🙃). So my companion will get a good welcome home and be super happy to be here…hopefully.So I will be on my toes and have my work cut out for me(Sorry If you wrote me and I didnt respond. I will print it, read it, and get back to you when I have time next week-Elder HallstedPictures:1-Viaje a Hawaii (Trip to Hawaii - everyone got their picture taken before the event).2- Big Moth in my apartment3- Soles of my shoes, 7 months in Ecuador4- District Leader Training Meeting


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