March 25, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#33 ¡¡¡¡EARTHQUAKE!!!!

So one thing that our president of the mission talked about is communication with family and he said we have the communication to invite people/family to be in the mission spiritually, not so we can live in the world for one day of the week and ask how the new Captain Marvel movie is (but is it good?). So hopefully you feel in the mission.
Quick thought. Mosiah 2:9. What are you doing to prepare yourself to hear the Prophet?

So we haven't really had people progressing or with a date for baptism lately cause we were kinda busy with meetings and Monica who got baptised and other stuff. So on Wednesday we planned to put a baptismal date on 4 people before leaving the house. Most of them contacts from the street.

Darwin. 19 yr old boy whose mom was baptised a year ago but isn't coming to Church cause her husband doesn't like our church. He accepted a date for 27 of April and is doing awesome and wants to learn more. He doesn't have anything impeding him as of right now. (We will see what his dad says)

Two people canceled the appointment. One wasn't in the house, and the other had a family meeting cause they learned that his brother has cancer (Mesias´s family). The last person is Jessica.

Jessica has good potential, but likes coffee and doesn't think it is very necesary to join a church. (She says shes catholic but knows some things there aren't quite right). Her cousins were baptized into our church a month ago) We were about to invite her to the baptism to see if she was going to progress or what would happen with her, then the Catholic Missionaries knocked on the door! How EXCITING! So ya that went down the drain cause we didn't want to have a battle with them. The nuns were pretty cool. Just there to visit the doctor (Jessicas dad) and we talked a little and then slipped out with Jessica to pick up her kid from school. So 1 for 4 not to bad I guess for one day. It was a good high goal, and hopefully we can do better this week and have better visits.

So we always ask people if they have freinds who need help or a message of God. One lady we contacted said she didn't want anything so we still asked her if she knew someone who did want to listen or has lots of Challenges or a death in the family, and she told us how we need to talk with the people and get to know them and create a relationship. So that was a little weird to hear from someone, but then she told us to talk with the poor people in the next neighborhood. So we did and one guy wants us to come back next week.

We had a good Zone conference this week, but it started to rain and we couldn't hear so we had to whip out the microphones so we could hear people talk. It rained so hard. There isn't much to do that is efficient when it rains. No one will come out of the house, and even members won't come to activites we have if there is rain. They even tell us they are at home but will only come if it stops raining.

Friday we got up early and went to an appointment with Elvira Huaman. She doesnt understand hardly anything we teach her, even though she reads a ton and studies the stuff we give her. We thought she wasn't going to make it far cause we have taught her lesson 1 three times. So ya thats how its been going. Cause she has the same questions and we just go in circles. So we changed things up. We told her to not worry about understanding, but what she feels when we talk with her. She loves us and really wants to better her relationship with God. She now has a date for baptism the 4th of May. Then we quickly changed and went to help paint Rosa Marias husbands new shed(his name is Carlixto). OOOf. Mistake. They streched the paint by mixing one can of paint with almost two cans of water. Also he picked a light blue, but the wall is a dark blue, white, and gray. SO the paint did about nothing even though we did 3 coats. Then they just thanked us even though it is horrible and gave us lunch and we went home.

So Otavalo is a large city here filled with Natives. They don't cut their hair, they dress differently, speak an old dying Launguage and are super cool and very strong members. I think it was Pres. Kimball (i'm not sure but it was a prophet or Apostle) who said that they are the purest blood of the Lamanites on the Earth.

We went and taught a couple this week, and they invited Grandma (she is super native). We explained The Book Of Mormon and they asked us weird questions about the connection of the Ancient Americans and todays people and stuff. So we asked the Grandma what she knew about it and if she heard before that Christ came to America. She said that there is a story from her Ancestors that a White God came and did impossible things and taught them a little. She said her mom or Grandma is very big into these teachings and the grandma lives them to this day. ¨She feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and does good¨because of the story and these teachings. She kinda Quoted the Semon on the Mount, and 3 Nephi...Hmmm. What a coincedence right. NO. Christ came and visited the people in the Americas(that really helped them understand that we werent making up stories). Was it Ecuador??? I dont know. people could have moved around but it did happen and I met someone who has an Ancestor that met Christ so thats cool.

So I did survive my first earthquake, even though I didn't deserve to survive it. Wednsday night at about 10:40, 11:30 and 1am we felt an earthquake. I was SOO tired and didnt wake up. Elder Rivera woke up and started talking to me but i was so tired I had no idea why he was talking to me so I just yelled at him to go to bed and tell me in the morning. Then again. He told me something was happening and I told him again I was tired and wasn't thinking and didn't know what he was saying and he should go to bed and tell me in the morning. Then in the morning he explained it. I didn't understand cause apparently there are a couple of words for earthquake in spanish depending on the intensity. But now that he tells me, I remember it being kinda loud and the windows were clattering and stuff was really shaking(I thought my brain was playing weird tricks cause I was tired but no). Aparently he wanted to leave the house and go out side cause it was kinda strong but then I gave my sleepy brain input and went to sleep hahaha. Im kinda upset that I didnt wake up to see it and take a video or run out, but I can remeber a little bit. Apperently it was pretty strong what we felt but it was short. Lots of other people left their houses and went out into the street.

-Elder Hallsted


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