March 18, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera


As usual we are going to start off strong with a scripture.1 Nephi 21:15-1615 For can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee, O house of Israel16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.(Explained a little in the story below)So we went to the less actives house that the Bishop showed me last week to find the old investigator, and ended up talking with the less active for a while. He is having such a hard time in life. He had a strong testimony, was faithful to his calling, but then all went down hill in December with his trials. His wife divorced him sometime this year, took his only daughter and left him with two SEVERELY handicaped kids. One only has about 3% control of his body. The other used to be fine and had a good job, then had an accident and lost half of his brain. His story was sad. In the end he told us everything and it just flowed out. He cant go anywhere without his kids. On top of that his neighbor wants him out, or wants his land and is working against him. He took his sons to the hospital last week and the Neighbor called the Ex-Wife and she came and robbed him of a bunch of stuff in the house. He is selling his possesions little by little. They dont have running water cause the neighbor tampered with it, so he buys it and carries it to the house, and they went 4 days without food last week. This week they will be eating bananas and bread and rice for the most part. He is an awesome guy, and after chatting with him he has desires to come back, but cant leave his sons, worries of being robbed again, and has problems with some members who were out of line and said harsh things to him when he started to not attend.Why do I tell you this? There are people in this world with challenges you wouldnt believe. We are so lucky to have the things we have and for those who live in the States, it is such a huge blessing. Even just speaking English. Hearing the Prophets voice, or being able to watch a movie that has the words line up with the mouth(man that drives me nuts). The scripture above is one of the things I shared with him. How Christ knows our trials and had trials and pains greater than we will even have. He has that constant reminder of the love he has for us, and what he did for us marked in his hands forever. He will never forget us, but we need to not forget him. We need to do our best to follow the path he gave us and go to Church and Partake of the Sacrament. That is one of the biggest ways we can show our gratitude, work along side him, and use the Atonement to help us become better people.So after clases de Ingles (English in spanish) we had a sports night and played with some investigators and members. I played Ecua-Volley for the fist time. Its basically volleyball but 3 on 3 with a bowling bal. Ok not actually a bowling ball, but a hard soccer ball. Man that hurts like the dickens. I felt like I broke my arm everytime I touched the ball. Sisiter Huaman served the ball, then fell to her knees, Shouting in pain, almost crying in a funny way than kept playing. It was a ton of fun but I still feel it a little in my arms. Then we switched to soccer…Baptism!!!!So Monica Grijalva and her friend Mayra Vaca got baptised on saturday. Elder Rivera Baptised Mayra, and I got to Baptize Monica! It was such a cool experience for everyone and lots of members came to support them. It was super awesome and they are both really good members. They just constantly ask us if the future missionaries will keep visiting them. It is kinda a big change to make and is hard on people. We are pretty sure that most of Monicas family doesnt know that she was baptised...She didnt want to have to deal with it before, but I think they know something happened tht night and she is going to tell them.Even Rosa Maria and her husband came. The husband said he like it and it was cool so hopfully he will join us more often when we visit Rosa Maria.Funny story. We contacted some seveth day Adventists the other day, and oh my goodness they were sooo NIce!(slightly sarcastic) They said thanks for the Book of Mormon but said they couldnt let us go without giving us something as well. So we both got 2 book to study and a third book for deeper study that we can share. Man they are just awesome. Elder Rivera scammed through one on the life of Christ and read a little and said it was super boring so now ya know So my old email still works and is just automatically forwarding my messages, but I guess this i smy real Hallsted


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