March 11, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera


Dear Friends and Family,So I told myself I wouldn't be one of those missionaries that writes emails 5 pages long, but lots of cool stuff happened this week so pick and choose what you want to read.What happened: Carnival fun and studying, Conference with a member of the Quormn of the 70, Spanish ¨fun¨, Monica is super conveted and will probably be baptised this week, Miricales with the members accompaning us, No water in this part of the city, I ATE A PIRANAH FOR REAL, then ate the sweet fruit that is used to make Chocolate, then Pure homeade Chocolate, AND CUY(Brains included)I!!!!Carnival: We got water ballons thrown at us(super awesome cause now I can say I participated in Carnival). Elder Rivera was dying in the house those 3 days, while I just read El Libro de Mormon out loud to help me with spanish.Conferece with Elder Calderon:We had a super awesome conference with him and I gave a spiritual thought in front of half the mission, and him. That was super scary. But he talked about some mission stuff, then the sabath day. How the Sacrament is defined as a process and how important it is. He said many people think it is the sabath 2 hours, but it is the Sabath Day as in 24 hours. He made us think of what we will do with the other 22 hours of the Sabath day apart from church after the mission. We used his example, and comments from other missionaries with some of our investigators who aren't coming. They have work, and have to provide and don't want to be fired but we explained the importance and they are planning to come and work so they can get a few hours off on Sunday now. Before, they just told us it was impossible. So I encourage all of you to think about what happens on Sunday, especially what you are doing and thinking during the Sacrament.BaptismMonica Crijalva is going to have her interview this week. Her friend Myra ended up backing out and doesn't want to get baptised. Monica didn't know, so she called Myra and told her that she will have her interview and wants her friend to see her get baptised. Myra said she was thinking about it again, so Monica shared her testimony with her that she knows it is true, so Myra called the missionaries and said she has been thinking about it and has health problems and doesn't want to die how she is right now and wants to get baptised! So they will both probably get baptised this week. Monica is super awesome and has a strong testimony so that is very good.Ministracion Night with the members:So the wards in Ecuador have been asked to have a ministracion(Ministering?) night once a month to visit recent converts, and less actives. It hasn't really been happening, so the missionaries have been running it to get it going. So we planned one, and called and reminded people, but the day of, almost everyone cancelled on us. So we thought it was going to be horrible, but with the 6 members that came, we did splits with the missionaries. I got to go with the Bishop and showed him where a recent convert lives and we gave her a blessing cause she is super sick and was in the hospital last week. Then I said it was time to head back to get back in time, but the Bishop wanted to visit one more person. The Bravo family. He said the name and I realized that we had been looking for this family 2 weeks ago, calling and going by their house several times. The Bravo family is less active, but a year ago they refered the missionaries to their neighbor Jenny. Jenny answered our call and said she wants to visit with the missionaries again but when we went to find her she didn't anwser her phone. I think it broke. But now I know the street she lives on and we can go and find her house. It was super cool to have all of that fall into place from work we tryed to do 3 weeks ago. The Relief Society Pres. and sister Missionaries went to visit Rosa Maria, and one of Rosas sons came out and said that he sees a light in me and Elder Rivera and wants to listen to us now. The only problem is his schedule is horrible, but Rosa Marias family is listening to us little by little.Agua:Ya so in our whole sector the water went out for some reason. The people were without water for over a day, and it was suspected to take 3 more days. So they were buying tons of water at higher rates. Some of them were just making trips from the house up the road to buy water. I didnt really think much about it, but we use water to drink, shower, go to the bathroom, cook, work, and lots of other stuff. Luckily it came back about when we got to their house, not 3 more days. We told them its cause we are special and it means they should listen to us, and they laughed cause we said it in a joking manner but then most of them stayed and listened. The dad who normally doesn't listen got really into the fact that we need a temple closer than 4 hours away for the people to see it and use it. It was weird, cause he loved it. Temple:Speaking of the Temple...The Quito Temple will officially comence the First stone placing (something like that, I dont remember what it is in English) on May 11th and we think they will let the missionaries come.FOOD: Piranah, Cocao, AND CUYSo last night we visited some recent converts who were baptised 4 months ago. Parents and a 9 and 7 year old boy. They just got back from a vacation in the Oriente (the East, meaning eastern Ecuador which is all jungle) and he brought back lots of cool stuff. He had a fruit that he chopped open with a Machete for us and it was super good and sweet(like a tropical fruit). Then he told us the seeds(we dont eat them in this form) he saves and ferments them in water or some liquid for two days, then in the sun to dry for 3 days and sometimes repeats it. Then he mashes it up and has Coco in its purest form. He let us try some and it was pretty good. Then he actually cooked us some Piranah that he caught there. It was different from most fish but super good. His son was eating the face clean, and sucking the eyes out. They are such an awesome family and love the Elders.Also Monica Crijalva cooked me CUY today!!! (cuy is guinea pig)We went over to her house for lunch and we each ate a leg and the meat is a little different. Like I understand why some people don't like it but I thought it was good. The skin is good cooked, but a little rubbery. Then Elder Rivera told her I wanted to eat the head and I said sure if they eat that here and she said she loves it so she gave it to me. It had the teeth, eyes, ears, whiskers, and a little fur in some parts...It was lots of skin, but I know they eat everything here so I WENT FOR IT. I was just chewing and little bits of meat kept coming off, (one time a tooth fell out in my mouth, that waas weird). Then I asked her if there was more I should do to get more meat or if it was done...SO she told me to snap the skull with my hands then eat the meat inside. I asked her "so is this the brain? is this safe?" and she told me she likes it so eat up. SO I ate the brain...I kinda had to suck it out of the skull and the flavor wasn't bad, but it was definitly a texture I don't perfer in my mouth... So I ate it all. Brian, eyes, ears, fur, a little bone and hopefully no teeth. Over all super good.-Elder Hallsted. A plate of cuy (guinea pig)Elder Hallsted with Monica Crijalva, she cooked him a traditional Ecuadorian dish, cuy which is guinea pig. He cleaned his plate on the cuy. And a picture of the piranha head. The piranha, hand for reference on size.


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