March 6, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#30 - No Title (He must be busy)

Hola amigos y familia!

So cool things happenin so my email might be a little long but it should be pretty good so im gonna put it in categories cause lots of interesting things.

Spiritual thought: Mosiah 5:15

She got an anwser and is getting Baptized!!!:

So Monica Crijalva. We have been teaching her for a month now, shes awesome, comes to ingles classes and church, and has a pretty severe heart condition. She gave us a refference of her friend who lives in the ward boundrys but the other missionaries sector named Myra who had a date for the 16 of March. We tried to put a date on Monica 2 weeks ago and she said she wants to do it but will probably have open Heart surgery soon so the whole baptism by submersion thing part wont be possible for like 8 months. Her medical exams are coming slowly so we told her that she is ready and can be baptised on the 16th with her friend. She was thinking more in two months so we told her to pray about it this week and get back to us. Then this week her friend told the missionaries she wants to wait till April so we thought she was going to take that as her anwser. We asked her yesterday at church(she actually came, and we couldn´t get her to anwser her phone and remind her). She told us she told us she felt an immense peace this week, and normally cant sleep until 3 in the morning cause her health, but this week she fell right asleep everynight. Then yesterday morning I tried to call her but she didn{t anwser. SO I called again in 5 minuets. She said the first call woke her up and she was planning on resting for 2 minuets, but fell asleep and then the next call I made woke her up again and she felt it was an anwser. Then in sacrament meeting she remembered how she could never attend 2 months ago, but magically got her schedule cleared up the last three weeks, and so she meets the baptismal requirnments now and felt the spirit testify to her. She saw so many miracles this week and then shared it with her friend Myra and convinced her, so they will both be baptised in 2 weeks. SUPER COOL. Also she straight up prayed that both of us would stay for one more change, then we got the call durning our appointment with her (not normal) and we both stayed, so I think shes gonna cook me Cuy(Basically hampster) soon!!!!

So Ecuadorian tip number 1. Eat your meals only using a spoon. Yep, it doesnt matter what it is, it can be done with a spoon. If it is steak, just grab it with one hand for support.
But this week we ate pig foot Soup with the bishop. The broth was amazing, but lets just say that I could still taste the farm...and it was basically all fat. Elder Rivera was dying. Some people save the fat for the next soup, so we wernt eating it till we saw them take bites.(also its like a giant hunk of meat so you just use your hand to eat it out of the soup) So he couldnt do it. I ate mine with broth, but he accidentally saved it, then pushed his bowl away thinking he was done. So the Bishop gave hints like (here we eat EVERYTHING) so Elder Rivera pulled his bowl back and started working on the pig fat. Ya...he couldnt do it. He ate maybe half then thanked the Bishop for the meal and we left. He was absolutly dying, so I started teasing him about being more of a Gringo than I am haha. (Elder Rivera is from Peru).

Two days before carnival started we walked outside and every kid we saw had an egg in their hand for defense haha. We didnt get egged or splashed. We walked past and saw a parade with people spraying one another, and little groups doing traditional dances in the parade. SO no one was home, and no one wanted to talk to us.

Monica Monteros:
So this is the other Monica, and she has a date for baptism the 30th of March. We learned this week that she has a pretty big Word of Wisdom problem. She needs coffee at least 2 times a day to not be sick, and used to smoke 20 cigarets before, but tryed to stop and could only get it down to about 5. She didnt understand that coffee was bad at first until we just shared our testimony that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and so it is a commandment from God and it doesnt matter if Coffee is good or bad. We read 1 Nefi 3:7 and talked about "go and do" and how Nephi didnt have a "try" atitude, but knew he could do it. She has her doubts, and knows it will be very hard, but told us at the end that she WILL DO it like Nephi. Shes super awesome but has a long road…

I called my mom this week for her Birthday, that was awesome, but kinda weird. (Sorry siblings)

Hablaremos la proxima semana!
-Elder Hallsted


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