February 25, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#29 Members

Queridos amigos y familia,First Off, Rosa Maria GOT BAPTISED!!!Spiritual thought: Mosiah 8:18 18 Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings.Just that. Just think about it for a second and if that is you, or maybe what you need to do or change to see this scripture in your life.FUN STUFF:So we ate lunch with the Torres Family 2 weeks ago (we think cause the wife asked to have the missionaries come over) and then we learned that they haven't been to church in years and the husband told us he has been attending another church for a month and is getting ready to switch. We visited them 2-3 times and in this time they came to church 2 times and this week the dad is preparing to baptize his son, the parents asked us if they can serve missions (in like 15 years when their kids arent so young), the 14 year old daughter asked us what she has to do to prepare to be a good missionary, and they brough their friends to Church this week, and I know their friends are going to get baptized soon, but they live in another sector. It was awesome helping and seeing them come back, and now stronger than most members.Amparo has a date for baptism the 23 of March, and she is really progressing, but she kinda dissapeared this week (not cause of us). But she told us she has a member friend who has been encouraging her to read so we asked for the members number. Elder Rivera called her and told her what is going on, and she is preparing for baptism so we need her help to be a good friend and example. The call was 10 minuets and she yelled at us the whole time cause Amparo has a date. This member told us she came to church for 1 year before baptism so Amparo should do the same or won't be a good member. She strait up yelled for like 10 minutes and hopefully she doesn't cause us problems or say anything. Cause Amparo is awesome. She drinks Coffee and other drinks rarly at parties but told us she will start to back of and she will drop it soon cause she wants to be a member, be baptised and she knows it is a commandment. It was a golden and sincere response, and she is totally ready. Minus her not so friendly friend.For the baptism, we showed up early to clean the font and prepare everything for the Bishop. Rosa Maria wanted to be baptised in cold water like Jesus, but the bishop put hot water... the two members were asked to give little talks, and we reminded them, then they called us 1 hour before and said they couldnt come. So lots of things went wrong and we almost killed some members but in the end it was a super good baptism and Rosa Maria felt the spirit, and 2 of her 10 (ya thats crazy for here) kids came and really liked it and I think will get baptised. One week before, they told us they wouldn't come cause what their mom was doing was bad, and Rosa just told us not to worry cause she was doing it with or without support. Now I think the 2 kids will get baptised then the other part of her family. Sunday Night we helped them peel peas for almost an hour and they just asked us questions about missionaries. So we have a super good relationship now.So overall a pretty good week.Also carnival is March 4,5,6 but peoploe started before valentines day. The kids across the street from us throw water ballons everyday, and we ate lunch with the bishop last week and his 3 kids got egged pretty bad and covered in water and other stuff walking out of school. The missionaries have to be in the house for these 3 days, but we can leave monday to write a little. SO being that we have changes this week, president said we will now have them on thursday before the Festivities. Here it gets kinda dangerous during carnival and people fill ballons with car oil and dangerous items. The missionaries in Colombia that are part of this mission get evacuated to Northern Ecuador for almost a week cause Colombia is even more crazy.-Elder Hallsted


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