February 18, 2019



Elder Rivera

#28 Milagros (Miracles)

This week was pretty good.I'm gonna start with a little spiritual thought. I gave a talk this week on taking the name of Christ upon ourselves. I found this scripture in Ether 4:19 19 And blessed is he that is found faithful unto my name at the last day, for he shall be lifted up to dwell in the kingdom prepared for him from the foundation of the world. And behold it is I that hath spoken it. Amen.So first off I did give a talk this week in Church in SPANISH of course and it was actually super good. I was stressing about it the whole week then I didnt even use my notes, but it kinda just came to me. I started with a little joke. ¨Many people ask me, Elder were you born in the Church_ And my response is the same every time...No, I was born in a hospital.¨They loved it. Everyone laughed and it started my talk of nicely. Honestly lots of people ask me that cause lots of gringos have been members for their whole lives but most of the People here are new to the Church. My talk was good, the only awkward moment was when I read the scripture above and said "Amen" and then the whole congregation said "Amen" as well. Thats one of those mistakes you always remember and wont make again…hopefully.On Valentines day we basically did the same things but lots of people weren´t home. We went to an appointment with some members and were talking about it and My companion said ÿa maybe next year I wont go solo for Valentines day¨so I put my arm around him and said ¨hey you´re not alone¨SO ROSA MARIA IS GETTIN BAPTIZED THIS WEEKWe saw lots of Miracles this week. First, we went into a little store to buy a chocolate for one of our investigators, but the man said they didnt have it and we left. Later in the day a member just happened to mention that the man in that store used to have visits from the missionaries. So we went in again and asked for Julio and it was the same man. He said " I knew you guys would come today" kinda like in the movies so we asked him what he meant and he said he dreamed that we would come and talk to him on that very day. SO HE LIED ABOUT NOT HAVING THE CHOCOLATE SO WE WOULD LEAVE. But we came back haha. I think a member offended him cause he said he is reading but he just doesnt go to Church anymore and he doent want us to visit him, so we will porbably do a little shopping there from now on or pass byHonestly we had tons of experiences like that this week. One dude even told us it was a miracles cause he is less active but needs help and wants to come back. Some random things:SO people here love blue eyes. Its rare and nobody here has blue eyes and is single except missionaries. I will catch people gazing into my eyes on the bus, or even Elder Camacho haha. After my talk a lady came up to me and told me I have " Celestial Eyes" and said " man how many Girlfriends did you have? Like 5-6" Hahahaha I died and told her we will see in 1.5 years. People here just eat with a spoon most of the time. I thouht it was weird at first but now I love it.SO the new communication with the fam...I think they did it cause lots of people go home for Homesickness so it will help them. But on the other hand some Elders cant think after the Christmas calls and dont work and it effects lives. Almost all the missionaries in my zone agreed and we wont call much cause it is weird. SO I dont know exactly what I will be doing with that. Members ask us about it, and My companion jokes that its his Dogs birthday so he is going to call home later in the day haha.But today the cyber we were using lost connection, so we were running around and finally took a bus to another location to email right now. SO even though we can, we can't always do itHasta Luego!-Elder Hallsted


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