February 12, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#27 Full House, Power House

So real quick I don't have much time but I want you all to read 4 Nephi 1:15. it talks about how all the people had a love for god in the land and so there weren't any fights. I really like it and hope you can get something out of it.
So I feel a lot more comfotable with spanish, and I can now make pretty good jokes and get people laughing so thats awesome.
I completed 6 months in the mission so I made an American Milkshake, with Icecream and blew my companions mind. Hes going crazy for it now.
So to explain the title, we are just killing it in our sector. We doubled the numbers of the surrounding Companionships and are working really hard and this week the size of the Congregation went from a normal 120 people to 150!! They almost ran out of seats and the sacrament. But us and the Sisters in the ward had a total of 13 people come, and lots of the less actives that we visited this week. We also have Amparo Cabezas preparing fro Baptism the 23 of March now.
We made a super good contact this week. We talked to an 8 year old girl and her mom entering their house with dinner. I told her we are missionaries and asked her her name. She wouldn't give it to me at first cause she thought we were just robot preachers. So I asked if she would like some service, or to learn english in our classes. Her daughter jumped up and begged her mom to go. They came to the class, loved it, and asked if they could come to church. AND THEY CAME WAHOOO! We visited them and they are awesome but aren't married, and don't have much plans to do so. But they asked us if they can come every week. Also we have been teaching a lady named Monica for 3 weeks with no progress, so we gave her a tour of the chapel then she stayed for the english class. She heard the other people ask to go to church and I think that helped her come, cause she always says maybe but doesn't come. So Monica came this week and told us that now she has it in her head that she needs to be here every week!!! Whoop whoop!
We plan on having lots more coming this week and hopefully having about people with a baptismal date.
SO things are going great. In the country side of Ecuador where I was before, everyone would listen, but they wouldn't understand the importance. Here almost no one cares to listen and they are really rude, but when they do listen they understand and keep their promises. SO everything here is going great and Miracles are popping out like daisies!
Love you all!
-Elder Hallsted


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