February 10, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#26 Los cielos

Ya so for my spiritual thought thought, im gonna share an expirience that I had a month or so ago but forgot to share. So one night we were knocking doors and we taught a lady a little through the window of her house. It was dark and she couldnt see well, but in the end she basically started yelling nonsense at us that had been drilled in her by the Testigos de Jehová (Jehovas witnesses). They are super strong here in their beliefs even if we anwser their questions with their own bible. So we left and one week later had a family home evening with some members and she was their. She said she didnt remember us, or anything about The Book of Mormon which we explained to her a week ago. We were able to teach her the whole lesson without getting attcked and then she understood. The moral of the story is that people are more receptive when they learn with a friend and not just two strangers. So I would invite you to have a friend or less active over to your houses in the near future for a FHE. We have one about twice a week. Two families we know have a goal to have a non member join them once a month. They are our favorite families in the ward.Ok now some fun stuff. (But don't forget the part above!)Cool stuff About People preparing for Baptism!!!We have 3 people preparing for baptism. Monica, (who went on a 2 week trip so probably late March), and Mesias Cabezas and Rosa Maria for the 23 of Feb. We visit Rosa Maria about 4 times a week and only add a little bit every time cause her memory isn't good. I have taught her the Restoration 6-7 times in my two weeks her. She also can't read, and her family wasn't supporting her until this week her husband came to Church with her, and her son listened to us and really liked our message. Her son wants us to more or less bless his house and cleanse it of a devil or spirit or shadow or something that her son sees every night so they really like us now.Mesias is super chill but last week he told us he had a list of questions/doubts and we were really worried. We answered his questions and he seems to be fully on board now. He mostly thought he couldn't donate food and clothes to people in the street(idk why) and he does some ancient spiritual dances with hs family that has been going on for generations, but it looks like what he does is ok. His family mostly does it to give thanks to God for what they have.So today we took a ski lift up a giant mountain in Quito at about 13,500 ft Elevation. SUUUUPER COOL. They say you can see about 8 Volcanos on a clear day, and the other days like today you see the Heavens (Cielos). Its just in a cloud and all you can see is White except for a few feet infront of you.At the bottom it is normal, maybe a little bit hot. At the top, it gets pretty cold. Like cold.-Elder HallstedP-day PhotosZone Conference with President Murphy and Elder Rivera


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