January 21, 2019


Ofelia, Quito, Ecuador


Elder Rivera

#24 Multiple Hemispheres Baby!!!

Ok so short news. I held a scorpion the other day, Got changed to Quito right next to "Mitad Del Mundo" (Middle of the World), Had to say goodbye to one of my best friends but i got a new friend who's pretty cool.Ok for SPIRITUAL THOUGHT real quick, I really like Alma 24:10. Its with the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and they are making the decision to die rather than break their covenants because of how precious they are, and their will to repent and stay clean.SO the scorpion. We were cleaning up a house, that a member was going to rent to a soon to be investigator. We found a black Scorpion and so of course we had to pick it up and get some picks with it on us (without stinger). It was really cool to see but the Guy wanted it gone cause he thought it was pretty dangerous. We also dug up a giant worm thing, that they eat here in Ecuador. It wasn't cooked so we didnt eat it but what the heck they eat those things! But not the but end cause its straight up dirt.Man I miss Elder Camacho so much. But I will definitly see him again. My new companion is Elder Rivera. He is from Peru, will complete 1 year in the mission in 2-3 weeks (my 6 months) and is 24 yrs old (he studied in a university for like 2 years before) and he talks like its a competition. LIKE HE MEANS BUISNESS when he talks. It kinda gave me a headache at first, and if I can pick out a few words I can guess what he is saying for now. SO I guess my spanish will get better. We are in Quito more or less in a place called Ofelia, or Pusuqui. It is 20 min. from the middle of the World monument, so I will have to check that out. I do believe I have crossed multiple Hemispheres today so thats cool.So lots of Changes.Also I almost forgot. An Elder in the District reached a new level of English so we went out for Banana splits. maybe I will get used to this, but at first I thought that lady that made them decided to play a prank or something. I though it was shredded coconut on it, but NOPE. It was CHEESE ON MY BANANA SPLIT: SHREDDED AND A SAUCE. I tried it and was like " esto tiene Queso" and they said it is normal and like it. I would put it under the "different" category for now…-Elder Hallsted

1.Banana Splits with cheese for topping. Its an acquired taste….
2. New Companion, Elder Rivera.
3. Scorpion


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