December 19, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Camacho

#19 - Christmas is Coming

Dear Family and
Friends,So with Christmas coming up, as missionaries the focus doesnt really change. Except that we work hard cause people are a little more acceptable and nicer to us. We will still wake up on time, and start our day with a prayer and scripture study for an hour. So I want to challenge all of you to not get caught up in the gifts and forget what it is about. Do
something different first thing in the morning to help you not lose focus and make it a Christmas to remember. I would suggest that you have a family prayer and scripture study. If you dont do this already, I promise it will change your christmas experience and you won’t forget it.So my New Companion is from Guayaquil, Ecuador from the coast. He is amazing. The first thing I noticed about him is he eats alot. A member asked if he wanted more and she said she had more soup or more rice-meat and other things for the second course. He replied[Both[hahaha. But we talked with a ton of people using the Book of Mormon and found a ton
of new people this week.Insence here is
actually a thing. We have a bunch in the house and some of the other Elders Praise it. I'll probably pack my suitcase with it when I return. But we were Burning a TON of it at once near the smoke detector and set it off. So we both panicked and frantically tried to
get it to stop beeping. After about 5 minuets we shut the detector
off and had the insense outside haha.I love you all! Dont forget about my challenge to you for Christmas.
Elder Hallsted


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