December 12, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Camacho


So for somthing a little funny with spanish, I almost broke the word of Wisdom and had my first taste of Beer. I was just trying to order some cherry Ice cream but cherry (cereza) and beer (cerveza) are very similar. I was wondering why it was white not red, then my companion quickly caught me and died laughing.
So I officially finished my training and am a normal missionary. My new companion is Elder Camacho. He was Elder Ellsworths(my last comp.) last companion, and he is his favorite person in the mission other than some other Americans. He is super funny and a hard worker. But it is Spanish from here on out. We can communicate alright, but we have played some charades today. Hopefully I will be fluent soon. He is from Equador almost in the big city the starts with a "Q" (idk how to spell it.)in the southern coast area.
I did have an awesome Birthday and spent most of it with my Zone Leader. He lives in the Indigionus region and for service we shelled snapped peas for 2 hours that day. I am now a proffesional and do it real fast like the natives.
We are teaching this lady and we went to go and tell her we cant visit her because she isn't coming to church or acting on what we teach. BUT... she had a dream about the Book of Mormon and so she knows it is true. Her pastor said she can't listen to us and got to his Church so she said she is going to come to church and see if it is right for her. But her parents will basically dissown her if she comes to our church, so hopfully it all turns out well with her.
Thanks for all the support and Prayers!
-Elder Hallsted
PS - no wifi this week at the internet cafe, so no photos.


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