December 6, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth


Dear Family and Friends,
So for a Spiritual thought I am reading in 3 Nephi trying to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the Year. I was reading about how Jesus was in the Americas and prayed and did other things that were so sacred that they couldn't be recorded. He then told them that he was able to perform miracles and do things so great because they had great faith, a lot greater than those in Jerusalem. It made me think that if we are living how we need to be, and have the faith(action included) then we can also see great miracles in our life and Christ can work more through us.
So I'll put the fun/interesting stuff first. I did get kissed by a girl. Don't worry nothing is happening between us. She has a kid and there aren't any feelings on her side...I hope. But it is kinda a custom here for people to hug and kiss on the cheek for women to women, or close family friends. Other than that guys dont really do it, and people know not to do it to missionaries. But we taught this lady named Blanca (white, yes that is her name) the other day with her husband and we walked in and she shook my hand and FORCFULLY PULLED ME in and planted a big wet one on my cheek and I was shook and kinda air kissed back. Then my companion dodge her by extending his arm all the way infront of him and breaking off the hand shake real quick. It was super weird and she was surprised by our faces after haha. We only had one lesson with her, and she seemed to like it and wants us to come back weekly but is very firm with her Bible.
We had that Thanksgiving lunch with that lady we met at church last week. She owns a really nice Hotel here and is LOADED. We had a lunch by a personal chef with 20 people. Soup, fruit `plate, RIce meat salad, then two types of dessert things. It was like a real 4 course meal. I don't think I could do it again. We had to eat it all, and that was rough, than we walked a couple miles just dying in the street. Me and my comp would burp every once and a while and we were so full we kinda puked in our mouths but kept it in. We went knocking doors and the kids here are so playfull. At one place this guys grandkid ran up and Karate chopped me in the stomach and I almost threw up all over him. I was tempted to just let it out and show him not to mess with me but I played nice. Then for some reason he kinda whipped me with a stick and his grandpa chased him down the street while we stood on his porch.
I did have a super good day this week when I could really feel the Gift of Tounges and we talked to 2 people in front of their houses who said they didnt want anything and "had their bible"(man I love that phrase) but we kept talking and after 30 minuets at their door they basically told us that they thought it was probably true, but didn't have time for us and they weren't willing to change. It was really sad.
SO everyone likes to ask us where we were just at and who we were teaching so they ask " where did you come from?"
then we reply "the United States of course" its so funny but some of them fall for it multiple times a week and don't like it.
So I do turn 19 years old this Thursday the 6! Its crazy! The time is flying by. Thank you all for your letters and I'm sorry I couldn't respond to everyone, but I will try to next week.
-Elder Hallsted


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