November 27, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth


So I did get bit by a dog. I'm perfectly fine, and I'll save the good parts for later.SO I had one of my most spiritual lessons this week with the Family Delgado. Last week we only talked with the mom and dad but the other day their 17 yr old daughter joined us. We asked the girl what she likes to do in her free time and she said "read". We started naming genres but then she was like "no, mainly just the Bible" so that was super weird. But she soaked up the Book of Mormon and asked us for a copy so she could read it at school! At one point her dad had a question and she totally anwsered it for us before we could and it was a super good, doctrinally sound anwser. Then they basically asked us why we were members so we shared our testimonies and why we are serving missions right now. The room was just overcome with the Spirit. They asked us about Church and planned on coming, but didnt... so we will see what happened with that.Thanksgiving: So they don't really even know what thanksgiving is, but we have lunch with the Perez family on Thursday and they totally cooked us Chicken, veggies, AND MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY. People here never mash potatoes. My Companion was super surprised. They are sooo awesome. Then that night we bought half a chicken and some potatoes to celebrate. At church yesterday we ran into this lady that was visiting family here, but has lived in Atlanta for over 37 years. She loves thanksgiving and asked us to call the closest 12 missionaries to have a thanksgiving lunch with her this week. We are all super stoked.My comp was on the phone, so I went over to talk to this lady but just flat out couldnt understand absolutely anything. I usually have a little bit harder of a time understanding older people, but it was super weird. I just pretended like i knew what she was saying and kept talking to her, then my comp came up and joined and whispered to me " thats not spanish". SHE WAS FREAKING TALKING TO ME IN KITCHUA! I don't even understand spanish that much. So we said bye and walked away. Kitchua is the native Indian language I guess, and we are in a city right next to the native people. Most of them know spanish as well, but some don't. My friend said every testimony meeting half way through people will kinda just switch over languages. Maybe I'll learn that AFTER spanish.So I did get bit by a dog. It wasn't super big and, and we were with its owners(members) then they walked inside and it got its whole mouth around my ankle. Not very hard, and didn't really go through my pants and socks but enough that it scared the crap out of me and I felt justified picking up some slightly larger rocks than normal. Stupid dogs.Thanks for all the prayers, love and support! -Elder HallstedA lot of our stuff has been sitting in a closet for the last few years and doesnt work very well...hence my "chair" in the pictures

1. Elder Bentley Hallsted, Ibarra, Ecuador
2.Missionary Refrigerator
3.Keep your mouth to yourself Dog.
4. Missionary Thanksgiving - chicken and potatoes
5. Me sitting on my chair for study, needs improvement.
6. Much better, chair fixed. But there is no garbage can in the bathroom now.


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