November 21, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth

#15 - Super Hot Wife!

I had a fairly normal week but just a couple of cool little things that I want to share but I will start with a scripture.In Alma 38:13-15 Alma is talking to his sons about the wickedness of the Zoramites and Says that we need to not pray like them, but we should pray for frogiveness of our unworthiness and for the mercy of those who don't have the gospel in their lives. I really liked that and how it shows that we are so lucky to have the knowledge of Christ. We literally have another book the Testifies of him: El Libro De Mormon! So I like to have funny headings that POP out. A lot of missionaries like to say that the more rain drops that hit your name tag means your wife will get hotter and it rained A LOT this week. My favorite thing is to wake up to soaking wet laundry that was "Drying" overnight but got rained on. Also with the clouds it got super foggy and we almost couldnt see more that 8 feet in front of us at sometimes because the cloud was so thick.We contacted this lady with SUUUPER weird beliefs. I respect other peoples beliefs but hers was a little out there and i have never heard anything like it in my life. I said we wanted to share a message about Jesus Christ and she asked us if it was a message about "Jesus" or "Jesus Christ". She then told us how "Jesus" was a filthy sinner on the earth so he dies and got ressurected to become perfect, but they were two different people, even though one was ressurected into the other... She is a super nice lady and is always happy to see us though. See just wont let us talk so we dont go by much.Buses: So if you have a car here you are kinda loaded. Even if its like 20 yrs old and barely works. So everyone just takes the bus. Its a whopping 30 cents to take a bus that stays within the city. But this week there was a day where the bus drivers went on strike for something kinda like the teachers in Arizona in April. So we walked at least a good 10 miles that day and had to cancel a lot of appointments that were to far away. It kinda started to shut the city down because people depend on them and we can't just walk 2 hours to go wherever we need to.Spanish Mishap: SO my trainer is trying to get me to use the phone more and I hate it. I can kinda speak spanish but I dont understand most people so I just say what I need to say and smile and hope what they said was good. I called Miguel, the guy we baptized 2 weeks ago, to set up an appointment. We made the appointment and at the end of the call he said something I didn't understand, that sounded like a positive greeting, so I said "okay Chao(bye)". My trainer was laughing his head off because apparently he said " it was really good to talk to you!" I SAID OKAY! So that was kinda embarassing and stunk. Also a lot of the spanish I learned in high school doesnt apply here. So when I tried to write that a person was nice on a mission document I really said that they were NICE like Fine like describing them a little more than any missionary should. Thats definetly one of those mistakes you only make once...I hope.One of the elders here has a Quote Book for funny phrases other people say. Apparently I'm filling it up. We were walking the other day and I said " I wonder if you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave" they lost it. We ran out of gas and I was tired of drinking water for breakfast so I tried it out. IT DOESNT WORK! PLEASE NEVER TRY TO MAKE SCRAMBLED EGGS IN THE MIRCROWAVE! it will make a mess and probably give you cancer.So the other day I realized that as I got off the bus I was missing my wallet. It had like $20 in it but it was a super cool Ecuadorian Wallet. I might have gotten pick-pocketed on the ful bus or it fell out of my pocket(more-likely) but it sounds cooler to say I got robbed. SO I GOT ROBBED THIS WEEK.If you every have questions or wanna let me know how life is back home send me an Email! Hallsted


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