November 13, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth


This week was super good but we didnt have much out of the ordinary happen. In my scripture reading this week i really liked Alma 4:3-4. It talks about the people experiencing some trials and it kinda awakened them to remeber God and to do their duty more fully. Then the Church got super strong and they started baptising lots of people. A lot of times we have trials to humble us and help us remember our Heavenly Father and our duty.So we called some people to visit and they told us they lived right next to the "Gringo" house made of wood. It was super weird but actually that is the best directions I have heard of in my time here. Usually people point and say "just up there". EVERYONE knew the gringos that lived there. We walked on the road and they called us Elders and called us over.(all in english) We assumed they were members until we heard a little bit of sailor in their vocabulary (very colorful language). They have been here for 15 yrs just chillin and it was super weird and they hate religion but might let us come back cause they love Gringos(slang for white people). We dont see that many gringos here other than missionaries, and in honesty I love speaking English but hate most of the Americans weve seen here. They either swear or walk past us saying something along the lines of "hail Satan" every time. I dont particuarly enjoy meeting them. Especially because the people here are so nice.Last week we were super far up on a mountain and we walked out of the members house and we were in a cloud. LIKE IN A CLOUD! Then is started raining but it was like a mist that was barely dropping and you could barely feel it. It just accumulated on us like we were persperating.We found this lady this week and she has a daughter who has been serving a mission in Bolivia for 4 months. We started teaching her but it was very different because she had losts of weeird questions and didnt trust anything we said till we proved it to her. In the end I gave her a Book of Mormon and she told me she knew she had to read and pray to know if it was true. Then I commited her to do it and she said thats all her daughter tells her to do but she never does it. She basically told me she wouldnt waste her time reading it. We talked some more and she said she does want to know if its true so she will read. I really hope she does and I hope we can help her realize the Church is true so she can be baptized before her daughter returns. PLEASE pray that Cecilia will read this week with her busy schedule. Its really hard for her to not be with her daughter cause she doesnt understand why her daughter left to serve a mission. I really hope we can help her understand.Today the 12th is my dads birthday so wish him a Happy Birtyhday for me!-Elder Hallsted
PS - I did not get any photos this week, so you get a repeat. But it is a good one! :)


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