November 6, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth


This week was pretty exciting. We moved last Monday so we have a house, found some new areas and...MIGUEL FARINANGO GOT BAPTISED!! Spiritual Thought: So the Prophet, his wife, and some other leaders spoke to a bunch of the South American Missionaries from Peru last week and it was awesome. One of the things I liked was when Sister Nelson said "In my experience, when something is really important, Satan works really hard to stop it". She talked about how sick President Russell M. Nelson got before all of his messages especially the one to the Youth this last June. I got to experience this this week. Almost all of the times we teach the Restoration of The gospel, there is an interuption of some sort. Last week I was with some members and I went up to a door with the light on and knocked on it with out them noticing before hand and it turned out to be a police dorm. Man were we surprised when he anwsed the door in full gear. But he let us in and we taught him up until the First Vision. Right after that he got a very important call that he was needed somewhere. It prevented us from sharing the Book of Mormon but he wants us to come back. I have no doubt that Satan didnt want him to have heard the rest of our message.SO Miguel was taught by some missionaries before but it didnt go anywhere. We started teaching him and he was totally ready. He loves it! He even attended church with his brother who used to be a bishop in another ward before we met him. Him and his family were super glad that we were able to teach him and bring him the gospel so he can be with his family forever. His wife doesnt want anything to do with religion so we had to teach him at his moms or some other house. I got to stand in the circle and help confirm him a member of The Church yesterday.So we did finally get a house but all of our stuff is kind of broken and nasty so we´ve been deep cleaning. Also we do weekly service and try to talk to people while we do it. Usually we just clean up a park but we decided to change it up and clean a cemetary but we forgot day of the dead is a thing here on Nov. 1. So every one was there and it was crazy and Every got super crazy Catholic that day. They would pay a preist to gave a prayer at a grave, and they would kind of sing it for a minuet, then it was like a quick RAP type thing and me and my comp both looked at eachother cause we had never seen or heard anything like that. It was super cool to see that side of the culture.Also I got to talk with a Native for an hour last week and he speaks the native language "Kichua" it was super cool. Thanks for all the prayers and emails!!-Elder Hallsted


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