October 15, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth

#10 South America Finally Hit Me

Hello All,So this week we had lots of meetings especially because I am new to the Mission. But as the title says, South America Has caught up to me. Most gringos here were really sick within the first week or 2 so I just thought I was really lucky but I got a little sick with the flu I think and the water/food difference all at once. I still had to go to meetings so we didn’t really take anytime off. I just didn’t really eat anything a few of the days so I could walk without throwing up.In one of these meetings I traveled to Quito and taught a lesson to another missionary to Evaluate my spanish and how things are going right now. I did pretty good for how much time I have so thats awesome. We have been teaching a few new people who really seem to be loving the gospel. A lot of people here say they are Catholic as an excuse to not hear us out but when they do hear us they usually want us to return. Here religion is different and its not very popular or accepted to be unreligious, so EVERYONE is catholic. We taught this guy once and asked him if his family would like to hear and he just threw them under the bus and said “no, they’re Catholic, so they don’t believe in anything.” I thought it was so funny. Not everyone is like that but a lot of them are. I read Moroni 7:33 this week and really liked it. It basically says that if we have faith, and our will is aligned with his then we will be able to do anything. Love you all!Elder HallstedPresident and Sister Murphy in Quito. Elder Ellsworth, my comp, and Elder Hoyos. Standing on the equator.


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