September 22, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth

#7 - Homeless and almost robbed

So I'm finally in Ecuador! I'm homeless and my district leader almost got robbed so ya. I arrived thursday night and got to sleep at the secretaries house in Quito. Then the next morning we bought some bread and chocolate milk for breakfast and went to a Church building. We all talked about saftey and general missionary life in Ecuador. We got to go to President Murphy's house and it was awesome. They have pure water there. We ate a nice meal and then got our companions. (I'll get to ther homeless robbed thing later. I'm creating suspense)My companions name is Elder Ellsworth and he is from Chandler, AZ and has 11 months in the mission. He is very funny and reminds me of Yogi bear a little. He's also a hard worker and takes being a missionary seriously so thats awesome. We are assigned to work in a town called Ibarra and it is awesome. Perfect temp and culture.I absolutly love it here and kinda feel like I'm on a vacation. For most meals we eat rice, chicken, veggies, and maybe something else. I have already eaten something that was absolutly discusting...a tomato. Man I hate those. But I did eat it. The people here are absolutly amazing. On Sunday night the bishop wanted the missionaries to go out with the 16-20 year olds to prepare them for missions. I was struck with fear cause that meant I couldnt have my comp to explain things in English to me. I went with a 16 and 20 year old. The 20 yr old actually speaks pretty good English and studied in Utah for a while last year. He said my spanish was pretty good and even though I talk slow and say qwerky things people understand me. I just don't always understand them cause they talk super fast. We visited some less active people and they didn't get offended or awkward like people in the States would. They would move the world for us and then would feed us before leaving. Usually it is bread and a tea like drink that isn't tea. Mine was apple and was kinda like warm apple cider. Its weird though cause they dont eat with us. Idk if its cause they are poor and don't waste it on themselves or what. But they just sit there and watch us eat it. So I'm kinda homeless. Me and my comp are opening a new sector that hasn't really had missionaries for like a year so we don't have a house. We stay with the district leader in his house and it was nicer than I expected but the bathrooms are gross. Its like every pipe is connected to the sewer pipe so it smells kinda bad. You actually can take a hot shower here if you turn the water so it barely comes out. We were walking down the street today and I see a man reach out and start tugging on my District leaders bag. It scared the crap out of us cause we thought we were being robbed. Then he laughed and we realized he was just a member trying to mess with us. We made pancakes and played soccer as a zone today and It was a good first preparation day.The computer here is avbsolutetrash anf the keybord makesme want to scream so i hope you can understand all of this. Thanks for all the prayers and support! I love it here so much and am so excited to share the gospel that I love with these wonderful people.SincerelyElder Hallsted


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