September 8, 2018




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#5 Mass email HOT AND SPICY

Bentley Hallsted <>

Date: September 8, 2018 at 3:15:01 PM MDT

To: Brooke Hallsted <>, Bruce Hallsted <>

Subject: Mass email HOT AND SPICY

Querido Familia y Amigos,

So most of my week was pretty normal with the same old schedule but i did have a bunch of cool/funny/unique experiences so i'm gonna write this email a little different. I know it is long so I broke it up into sections and each one is good.

Spiritual thought:

In The Book Of Mormon in Alma 5:15-20 It talks about the different ways we might respond when we come before Jesus again. The first was when Christ calls us to be with him because of our righteousness, The second is the unrighteous who lie and think they
will be let into heaven, and the third is the one who is consumed with guilt because of his actions on earth. I love these verses because they help us to see the end goal and correct our actions. It makes my want to be even more righteous so I will be comfortable
in the presence or God.

Most Embarrassing Experience in Spanish so far...

So we were practicing teaching lessons in class this week and the Two Hermanas in my District were teaching me as if I knew nothing about The Church. They started by asking me why I let them in and I was trying to Say "they looked like they were hot outside"
(like warm ya know?) but I didn't say that. Normally other people in my class wouldn't know the difference but one of the Sisters took 5 years of AP Spanish and they other one Speaks it in her house to her parents so they had the weirdest look on their faces
when I said something like "cause y'all were looking Hot/Spicy outside". Ya it was rough. Me and one of the Sisters were laughing for a solid 8 minuets and then throughout the day so my companion was taught by the other Sister because they could control themselves.
They all still give me a hard time about it haha.

One of the Unexpected Highlights:

So I think my highlight of the week was when the showers by my room had a long line so I walked to the other side of the building. I got in there and EVERYONE WAS SINGING. It honestly was the best. We sang "Hooked on a Feeling" by Suede and " Hallelujah"
By Pentatonix and it was amazing. It's little stuff like that or like when I ended my Journal with "I got to go because someone started a big group hug" That just makes peoples days out here.

Teaching Moments This Week:

So our first of three lessons this week was on Monday with the same lady that moved here from Chile. So me and my comp had a fantastic visit and lesson completely in Spanish and it was super smooth and we talked for even amounts of time. Then on Wednesday we
had not time to really plan or study specific vocab for our lessons and we even skipped excersise time to study. But we pulled of another good lesson and then ran to another building to have a live Skype call with someone who lives outside of the Country.
It was a member of The Church so we didn't have to plan an in-depth lesson. The group before us only went 20 minuets even though they were supposed to go 30. But me and My Comp went in there and had a blast chatting with her. Her name was Hermana (sister)
Hernandez and she lived in Guatemala. We chatted for 25 minuets and someone told us we only had 5 more so we kinda crammed a lesson in on trial in our lives and I felt like my Spanish got so good that night.

Best Lesson EVER: So on Thursday it was our last lesson with Daniella from Chile. We taught such a good lesson and asked amazing questions, with good experiences and the Spirit was so strong. She was crying for almost the whole lesson even though I'm 90% sure
she is a member of Our Church already. We talked about the example that Christ was and then we asked her if she would follow his example by being baptized and she was so excited to do it. She wrote us nice notes thanking us for the spirit that we brought to
her life.

Also I totally broke mission rules because my parents were in own for a wedding so they happened to see me playing Volleyball today so I ran over and gave them a quick hug, grabbed my camera, and then tried to process what had just happened. But it was awesome
getting to see them one last time.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Con Amor,

Elder Hallsted


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