September 2, 2018




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#4 I SAW A DOG!!!

Begin forwarded message:From: Bentley Hallsted <>Subject: I SAW A DOG!!!Date: September 1, 2018 at 2:40:54 PM MSTTo: Bruce Hallsted <>, Brooke Hallsted <>Dear Everyone,So when I got to the MTC I was part of the Biggest Zone in the world at the time. Because of that we hadn't had any new missionaries join our zone until this past Wednesday. Boy oh boy did they get quite the welcome. Everyone on our floor was cheering and welcoming them and they are pretty cool. I think one of them said he was Elder Bentley but I didn't have time to talk to him and haven't seen him since then. Me and my companion got to leave class for 20 minuets to go and talk to a tour on Wednesday night as well. Getting out of class to speak in English and answer questions about the MTC is always a good time until the return Missionary in the room asks the last question and says "can you bear your testimonies in Spanish?"I wanted to lean into the pulpit and say " yes we can! That's the last Question, have a good night everyone!" But my companion was in front of the Mic and already started so we bore our testimony in a foreign language in a giant room full of people.My Spanish has been getting better but my companion is quite a bit better than me right now. He took it his senior year so he can carry a more fluent and faster conversation than me but I know more vocab and memorize better so he speaks a lot and I clue in so it make a little more sense or to help with a vocab word. We were teaching a fake lesson to The same lady from Chile and he accidentally said that one of the special things we do in the Temple is sleep and she had a weird look on her face and so we corrected ourselves and remembered the word for getting Married.Me on Friday: "I saw a dog today. Have you seen a dog? You Probably have"(Hopefully you all realize that that was a reference to Elf). But yes I was getting ready to go play some volleyball for exercise time and some kid comes in and says "hay un perro con un pelota afuera" (there is a dog with a ball outside). So naturally me and my companion ran outside to see it. Some other Elders said they were studying and it just came up to them so they took the ball and started playing fetch with it. I did play fetch with it for like 2 minutes and got a pic which I will try to send later. I have to give a shout-out to Elder Farnsworth for bringing up that important news and in Spanish because both of us were on an English fast that day.Update on my reassignment: They wont tell us much and they honestly don't know much right now but It sounds like an Ecuadorian Embassy had some trouble or a fire so everything is on delay and I don't think it will get fixed soon so I will probably spend time in the States for a while (they say 2 weeks- a year). Most people get it soon but end up not going for 1 full 6 week transfer.Thanks for all the support and Prayers!Con Amor,Elder Hallsted


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