February 10, 2020


Punto Mogotes, Mar del Plata


Elder Iverson

Elder Ben: Science and God

This week's email is dedicated to the ATC science department.

This week I spoke with a Biology teacher, and it was fun hearing her views. She told us that she believes in God, and that many times she has to help her students understand that God and science aren't antonyms. Evolution exists--it's a fact. Curly-haired people will have curly-haired children. God works through science. IT is the program through which he built this world.

I also taught a kid chemistry. (I took it in tenth grade.) It took a while to shake the cobwebs off, but it was an immediate need of someone we´re teaching, so I did it. We've also been teaching english.

One morning I was opening my closet, expecting to see my clothes nicely folded and waiting for me. Instead I found a cat. My companion was praying, and I shouted for him to come. He was a little annoyed to be interrupted, but when he saw the cat he jumped too. We let it out, but it tried to climb back in through the window. Eventually it did go away. This isn´t the first time that I´ve found cats in my house here, by the way.

I sprained my wrist playing basketball. At first I thought it was broken, but it started getting better, and I was able to play piano in sacrament meeting, so that kind of rules out a broken hand.

Soory for the terseness, we're a little rushed. Have a great week!

Elder Sheffer


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