January 27, 2020


Punto Mogotes, Mar del Plata


Elder Iverson

Elder Ben: Giving Thanks

Ben's email:
Ben's mailing address (postage is $1.20):Elder Benjamin ShefferChacabuco 17558000 Bahia BlancaBuenos AiresArgentina------------------------------------It´s very true that the mission is the hardest thing that I´ve ever done. I don´t think that I could make it through without the conviction and faith that I get from the scriptures. This week I was looking for the simple truths about the gospel that I love. A few are that God loves us, that there´s always a way to progress, that we can be free from sin, that we can receive strength to help us in our immediate trials, and that God's love for us enlarges our love for others. There are so many, and the list keeps growing. If the Book of Mormon were fake, with chemicals and subliminal messages designed to manipulate us, it could be impactful, but what´s inexplicable is that it has a different impact every time that I read it. It is a true book, there's just no other way for me to explain it.
Saturday was a day when we really pushed. We left in the morning and headed to the farthest barrio in our area. (we had a reference, and we want to start working there more.) We didn´t come home for lunch, we just stayed out there all day so that we could get to everything. We ended up finding several people who we´ll be visiting this week, and God blessed our efforts with a miracle. A man who we´d never met before came halfway through church. His parents are members, but they went inactive a while ago; he asked if he could receive the charlas, he asked for a Book of Mormon, and he just showed a lot of interest. We´re excited to work with him. Our efforts had nothing to do with finding him--he came on his own--but perhaps we had to be prepared before God would permit us to meet him.
I love you all, and I´m so glad that God deemed me to be good enough to know such amazing individuals as yourselves. It´s crazy to hear about friends going off to college and preparing for missions. Please know that I am praying for you all, and that I´m still taller than Johnny! (Though not by much.) Please let me know what you all are up to!
Love, Elder Sheffer


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