January 20, 2020


Punto Mogotes, Mar del Plata


Elder Iverson

Elder Ben: Not old...Experienced.

I now have 18 months. For some, that`s old. For me, that `s experienced. With Elder Iverson, things are going well. Some of our friends have disappeared, but we `re finding a lot of cool people and we´re getting creative in our work. The other day we went to a super far part of our area. We don`t generally visit there, but it looks super great, and I`m sure that there are lots of people out there who haven't ever really talked to missionaries.
We got to go to a baptism in another ward the other day, and it was amazing. This fifteen year old kid who had gone through so many problems was so happy to do this. A lot of his family came. They aren´t members, but they all seemed to support him and they thought that it was wonderful for him to do this. Another youth who got baptized a few weeks ago gave a talk about baptism. He was very nervous, but he did a better job than I could have, and I nearly have more years as a member as he has days. He's planning on a mission. How can someone`s life change so dramatically so fast?
Our district leader is one of the most sincere missionaries that I`ve ever met. It`s wonderful to talk to him, and when we had our last district meeting, he gave me a good idea for my studies. He taught about sharing from the heart--what does the gospel mean to me? Anyone can recite from a script, but God doesn`t need parrots, he needs people with singular experiences and singular testimonies. I`ve begun focusing on what the gospel means to me, and I`ve seen a change. I`m determined to keep serving with my heart.
Let me know if you need anything--I`ll do what I can to help from here.
Stay Gold!
Elder Sheffer


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