December 30, 2019


Punto Mogotes, Mar del Plata


Elder Harz

Elder Ben: My second Christmas here

The morning of Christmas day, we went with some other missionaries to eat a big breakfast and to make cookies, but we had to leave early to make it to an asado (barbecue). Afterwards we called our families and talked to them a lot. Elder Harz said after the call that he understood why I was such an oddball. Thanks Mom and Dad (and Courtney and Johnny)! After calling, we went to visit some members to give them some fudge and a brazilian treat called Beijinho. It's tasty. The members were very thankful.
I also got the fun opportunity to visit Colinas, where I started my mission a year ago. When I was there, it seemed like a big empty place where missionary work was very difficult to get done. Now, being there a good while later, it was amazing to see how it's changed. We visited lots of old friends of mine and rebuilt some connections that had slipped through the cracks, including one old friend. She had always been very cynical, but I thought that it would be good to see how she was doing. One of the missionaries currently serving there said that he had visited, but she hadn´t progressed much. When we went, she was asleep, but we struck up a conversation with her granddaughter. She had a lot of questions, and it ended up being a great teaching opportunity. One other interesting happenstance from those divisions was when my companion and the other Elder from Colinas got a call from an hermana from a temple visitor's center in California! She had a person for them to visit. He came to church, and we´ll get to know him a little more on thursday.
It's now almost year 2020, but don´t forget to live in the moment and take time for reflection. A great way to let your whole life slip away is to never think. As long as you procrastinate problems and run from task to task, you´ll just be a machine doing what you know how to do. Take on your problems, and let your stumbling blocks convert into a foundation on which to stand.
I´m very thankful for technology. A virtual hug to all of you!
With great love,Elder Sheffer


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