November 18, 2019


Cerrito, Villa Mitre, Bahía Blanca


Elder Callaghan

Elder Ben

Today we had another game between Villa Mitre (us) and Zona Bahía (them). For those who are interested, in the first two minutes they scored a goal. Ten minutes later they scored again (for the record I wasn´t playing right then), but then, out of nowhere, they...scored again. It was three to zero. I got onto the defense, and we put the batteries in. We ended up winning four to three. Woo!

Elder Callaghan and I have now been together for five weeks. Sometimes we struggle, and sometimes we successfully function. The truth is that we are very different, but that´s what makes it fun. If we were the same, we´d have nothing to talk about! He´d know what I knew and I´d know what he did. We´d change very little. What unifies us is a love of food and the call that we have to serve. It helps a lot to have common ground, and if it can´t be found it can be created. Love what they love, talk about what they want to talk about, and help them through what they struggle with. I´m not saying this because we get along poorly, I´m saying this because I think that it´s important that we all understand that more often than not, the key to relating to someone lies in allowing and not demanding.

Even as a missionary, big spiritual experiences aren´t super common. One must be watching. One thing that happened this week is that we ran out of plans. I felt a slight tug to knock on the doors on the block to our left. We went and knocked. It took us halfway around the block, but we found someone who was passing through the recent death of his father. We were able to testify about eternal families, and he invited us to return. God doesn´t always put us on the doorstep, sometimes he puts us on the right block and sees if we´re willing to search around. People are prepared, we just need to be patient and hearken to the promptings that we receive.

Congrats Jackson on getting your eagle! That´s awesome!

See ya! Elder Sheffer


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