November 11, 2019


Cerrito, Villa Mitre, Bahía Blanca


Elder Callaghan

Elder Ben...sort of

Today’s email is courtesy of Ben’s companion. Apparently Ben didn’t have time to write his own letter home today. sigh. Except he did send this short note to me: Once someone told us that we <i class="">have </i>to be baptized in a river, because if we do it in a pool, the sins of the last person stay in the water and you get them. Obviously that’s not true. It's important to understand that the water isn't the most important part, it's Jesus Christ. He cleans us after we show our devotion.-Karen——————————Elder Callaghan’s letter:Subject: Mission Log, Stardate 10651.18Not much to write about this week. We had divisions with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, after doing some service work for a member in their area. The project was to clear out her entire lawn. We were to remove all the tall grass with nothing but a shovel, a garden hoe, and a barely functioning weed whacker. Maybe it would have gone better if we had Starship singing the montage, but instead we were left on our own. To make matters worse, I forgot to put on sunscreen before we started.Our next memorable event came Wednesday night, during a meeting between us and our Ward Mission Leader to discuss how the work is progressing. At the very end of our meeting, a man came into the chapel and started talking to us. It didn't take us very long to find out that he was <i class="">very </i>drunk. Our mission leader handled it a lot better than we did. I probably would have tried everything I could to avoid him and try to move on with life, but he went right up to this man and asked how we could help. After talking for a little bit, we learned that he's a pretty serious alcoholic, and wanted God more present in his life. We assured him that we could help him grow closer to God and that we would do everything we could to help. Unfortunately, the address he gave us (or at least the address we attempted to interpret through his slurring) does not exist; the street ends two blocks before the alleged address could be. Even if the street did continue, it would continue into a restricted military space. So even though we promised to help, we are incapable of doing so. Other than that, we talked with a lot of people. Most of the people we went to go visit weren't home, so we talked with a lot of people in the streets. We visited with some members to watch the new Book of Mormon videos (if you haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend it). We crashed a birthday party and then ate some cake. Pretty normal missionary stuff.-Elder Callaghan———————————From the baptism of Hector and Tiziano. Here we have Hector (left) being baptized by his grandfather to the left of him, and Tiziano (right) being baptized by his grandfather to the left of him. Hector is 12 and Tiziano is 10. This photo was taken on 11/02/2019And Ben’s Christmas tree and decorations that he inherited from the companion he was with last Christmas. Except that ornament. Kyle made that.That tree seems to be two trees stacked together. Genius kid. :)


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