October 7, 2019


Cerrito, Villa Mitre, Bahía Blanca


Elder Watts

Elder Ben: General Conference

This General Conference was a feast. We heard from the prophet and the apostles, we received a wealth of knowledge, and we were rejuvenated spiritually. After the youth program announced last week, I was very excited to see what would happen during general conference. Even the changes in youth leadership and the announcement of the super conference weren´t as big as the potential impact that these talks can have on us. Whether you saw the conference or not, I would urge you to remember the Savior, as Elder Holland cautioned. Don´t let the bustle, the crowd and the excitement sate you. Jesus Christ alone can heal, and as the blind man did we need to awake and maybe even fight to get there. We can let the crowd come and go or we can gossip with members of the crowd, speculating and chatting, but there is something greater to do. This is the link to the talk Ben is referring to:

One of the biggest things that I learned from conference is that the gospel of Jesus Christ might not immediately satisfy us. It transforms us, and being transformed, we do things that lead to happier lives. It´s like a slinky. We put our effort on one side, but it doesn´t all move at once. The energy travels via momentum, and as long as that momentum is maintained, it will reach the other end of the slinky, which represents the part that we can see more clearly. Make the necessary adjustments and maintain your momentum. The results will come.Love you!Elder ShefferPhoto explanation: their fridge is too cold and freezes things so they use this cabinet with a frozen bottle as a fridge. And Ben’s companion apparently hit his 6 month mark so Ben had to pass on the tradition of burning a tie.


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